The wellness revolution

  • 29th Mar 22
The Wellness Revolution

The wellness revolution

Wellness shapes nearly every aspect of everyday life. The term describes a holistic approach to health that includes our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing. Human beings are complex creatures so each aspect of our wellness is interconnected, which is why housebuilders must consider the mind, body, and community to create the best living spaces.

A new era for tenants

Build to Rent developers are revolutionising the rental market by designing schemes that have a better understanding of residents needs. In fact, developers design buildings so tenants can feel healthier and happier, incorporating wellness throughout every facet of the building to ensure it has a lasting and positive impact on everyday life.

Friendly communities

Build to Rent developments will of course offer high standards of modern living but they have also addressed the problems of isolation that many tenants face. By creating mini communities within each development, they are creating an atmosphere of togetherness, cooperation, and friendship. This can be through the leisure spaces, gyms, lounges, dining rooms and outdoor bar areas. All of which define the development as so much more than just a place to live.

Finding friends

Wellness incorporates many different elements, including activity. If you have moved to a new area and are yet to establish friends, the Build to Rent sector is ideal with many developments having on-site staff to organise social activities. Partnering with experts in curated events, residents can enjoy access to many experiences such as wine tasting, live music and even puppy yoga.

Outside space

Access to the outdoors is crucial for maintaining wellness. Many tenants live in apartments but by opting for Build to Rent, many, if not all, can enjoy easy access to outside space. This can be in the form of a balcony, roof terrace or garden as well as children’s play spaces and outside gyms.

Peace of mind

The unique selling point for the Build to Rent sector is the exceptionally high customer service standards. The staff are super friendly, welcoming, and many available 24/7, removing the stress often associated with being a tenant. 

Supercharged wellness

What happens when you combine wellness with the tech industry? Build to Rent developer Vertus partnered with Technogym to offer residents access to Club Vertus offering more than 6,000 sq ft of social space with 24/7 concierge, state-of-the-art gym, studio, private event spaces, lounge, self-service bar, children’s play area and private dinning room. The gym space includes the innovative Technogym Bike which offers an all-inclusive workout as well as immersive Group Cycle experiences, check out Vertus homes here

Customer experience

Our surroundings directly impact on the way we feel. Good design will have a positive effect on our wellbeing, together with how efficiently things around us work. Build to Rent developers focus on the customer experience at every stage. Developments are designed to create an efficient flow around the building and to ensure there is opportunity for social interaction. Amenities are considered to provide the best experience possible for every age group and demographic.

New priorities

Pre-pandemic, when tenants were asked about what they wanted in a rental property, their answers may have been very different to today’s post-pandemic world. Tenants are actively looking for homes that will contribute to an improved work/life balance. These shifts in lifestyle trends have seen people invest more in the quality of their homes and place a greater importance in the added amenities such as gyms, co-working spaces, and social activities. All of this is provided by Build to Rent homes at no extra cost.


Tips to improve your wellbeing at home

  • Get proper sleep – this can be improved by switching off from technology at least an hour before bed.
  • Eat a balanced diet – there’s nothing wrong with a few treats but ensure you are getting enough ‘real’ food and hydrating daily.
  • Sunlight – vitamin D is important for wellness because it releases endorphins, otherwise known as happiness hormones.
  • Be social – human connection is crucial for wellbeing and communicating with others lowers the stress levels. Isolation can lead to depression and mental and physical illnesses.
  • Exercise regularly – doesn’t matter what you do, try and move your body every day. Take advantage of the gyms and fitness classes or simply go for a walk with a neighbour and their dog if possible.


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