Renting... but not as you know it!

Learn about Build to Rent

You may have heard the term build to rent and perhaps not fully understood what it really means.

Build to rent is a new option available to you when looking for a new home. These homes have been specifically built to be rented. They are owned by professional companies who want to create quality secure homes just to be rented.

You can choose from a range of locations, price ranges, enjoy the modern finishings and technology and decide whether you want furnished or unfurnished. These homes come with a professional management service - so no more worrying about whether your landlord will fix a problem!

With the ability to choose the length of your tenancy you can really make it your home with your own decoration, meet the neighbours at your pace - or at social events that are arranged, and really settle into your new home. You will feel secure that your home is yours for as long as you want it, no landlord deciding they need to sell and asking you to leave.

The great flexibility of renting allows you to move to different locations, upsize or downsize as your lifestyle changes and all without the hassle of buying/selling and the cost that is involved with that process.

With such a wide choice of locations you can live in an area you potentially wouldn't be able to afford to buy in or try an area that you have always considered.

Renting is a great option for budget, lifestyle and choice.

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