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  • 26th Mar 24
Apartments to Rent by Folio at Marson Place, Southwark, SE17, living area
Apartments to Rent by Folio at Marson Place, Southwark, SE17, living area
Apartments to Rent by Folio at Marson Place, Southwark, SE17, private balcony
Apartments to Rent by Folio at Marson Place, Southwark, SE17, living area
Apartments to Rent by Folio at Marson Place, Southwark, SE17, living area
Apartments to Rent by Folio at Marson Place, Southwark, SE17, private balcony

In the ever-evolving landscape of the property market, finding ways to connect with customers is becoming ever more challenging. With a product such as Build to Rent, which is still not widely understood, finding the perfect platform to market can be a daunting task.

When selecting the best available option, it’s crucial to select a platform that not only stands out but also ensures exclusive visibility for a Build to Rent property. That’s where Love to Rent steps in, revolutionising the Build to Rent market with its tailored approach and commitment to sharing the excellence that the product provides customers.

Love to Rent was established in 2017 by Founder Anne Marie Brown, as it became abundantly clear that there was nowhere to market the sector, despite its projected growth. As the first and leading digital marketing platform and lettings service exclusively for Build to Rent, it has rapidly emerged as the go-to platform for showcasing homes for a range of customers with various budgets and lifestyle preferences.

What sets Love to Rent apart, is its singular focus on Build to Rent properties, ensuring that clients' brands remain uncompromised and messaging remains crystal clear. Unlike other websites that dilute listings with various tenures, Love To Rent is dedicated solely to Build to Rent properties. This focus not only eliminates confusion for potential residents but also ensures that Build to Rent operators receive undivided attention.

Folio London was one of the first to feature on the Love to Rent platform and Lizzie Stevens, Managing Director, Places & Estates has seen the benefits first hand as she explains: "Love to Rent has been a game-changer for the sector. As pioneers in the Build to Rent sector, we were seeking a platform that truly understood our unique offering and could effectively showcase it to our target audience. Love to Rent not only provided us with a dedicated space to present our development benefits and properties but also ensured that our brand stood out and wasn’t diluted. Their exclusive focus on Build to Rent properties has helped us connect with quality customers who appreciate the value, lifestyle and convenience our homes provide. Partnering with Love to Rent was a strategic decision that has undoubtedly contributed to our success in promoting Build to Rent homes."

Building on this recognition has been further solidified through key events such as the Build to Rent Awards, a prestigious event that celebrates excellence in the Build to Rent sector, recognising the many services and skills that are integral to providing great developments and lifestyles for customers. With exceptional attendance and feedback from key industry players, this event is now a regular in the calendar and has further cemented Love to Rent’s reputation as a trusted resource for both operators and customers alike.

With regular news and blogs about the industry together with a clear layout showcasing amenities, Love to Rent goes beyond a mere listing service. Together with initiatives such as the Love to Rent week, the platform and socials actively engages with customers by raising awareness of the many benefits of Build to Rent. This concerted effort ensures that quality leads are generated from people who understand the concept.

After doing a quick Google search, Cobby Chan came across Love to Rent after searching for a rental home for herself and her dog. “The website is very easy to navigate and well laid out and what I found most useful was the icons showing different facilities and amenities,” says Cobby. “I could tell straight away if the developments I was interested in would allow pets by a little paw icon, which ones had gyms and any other facilities that they offered. It saved me a lot of time and potential disappointment.”

As well as user reviews, the numbers stack up to demonstrate Love to Rent’s success. With over 15,000 registered accounts, 300k website visits in 2023, 1.5million page views in 2023 and 4,000 social followers, Love To Rent has established itself as a powerhouse in the Build to Rent market. Boasting partnerships with 30+ operators and featuring 150 developments, Love To Rent offers unparalleled exposure, maximising visibility and leasing potential.

Year-on-year activity also continues to soar, with impressive growth rates that underscore Love To Rent's expanding influence. From a 27% increase in 2022 to a staggering 34% surge in 2023, and a promising 23% year-to-date increase in 2024, Love To Rent's trajectory is a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation.

Finally, affordability is another hallmark of Love To Rent's services. With monthly costs that are within reach for Build to Rent operators, Love To Rent provides exceptional value by offering additional services such as social media marketing, further amplifying the reach and impact on Build to Rent listings. Love to Rent is not just a platform, it’s transforming the Build to Rent landscape by reaching a wider audience through communication, education and inspiration.


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