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What is Build to Rent and is it suitable for me?

New year, new you? Or how about the same you but just with a much better place to live. Why not make January the month where you kickstart your search to finding your ideal new rental home, suitable for all your needs and so much more.

Starting on the journey of finding the perfect place to call home can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you are considering a new type of living situation. If the traditional rental market is no longer serving you, maybe it’s time to consider an alternative.

Build to Rent is the fastest growing sub-sector of the British property market and for good reason. It offers a modern approach to housing for a cross section of society, with an abundance of facilities and resources offering a seamless living experience, emphasising community, convenience and flexibility.

We speak to Anne-Marie Brown, Founder of Love to Rent, the first and leading digital marketing platform and lettings service exclusively for Build to Rent, who addresses the most commonly asked questions from individuals looking to enhance their living experience.


Q. What makes Build to Rent different from traditional rentals?

A. Build to Rent properties are purpose-built for rental living. They offer a more comprehensive living experience, featuring modern amenities, community focused spaces and a hassle-free approach to
renting. One of the major benefits is the flexible leases, allowing for both short and long stays. With a customer centric approach, it has transformed the rental experience providing security and professional management services amongst others.  

Q. How does the application process for Build to Rent work?

A. The application process typically involves completing an online form, providing necessary documentation
such as proof of income and rental history and undergoing a reference check. The process is designed to
be efficient, and approvals are often quicker compared to traditional rentals.


Q. What amenities can I expect?

A. Build to Rent communities pride themselves on providing a wide range of amenities to enhance your
lifestyle. You can search specific amenities via the Love to Rent website with the Key Features tab. This
may include outdoor space, community events, cinema rooms, gyms, swimming pools and co-working


Q. Are Build to Rent homes pet friendly?

A. Many Build to Rent developments are pet-friendly, recognising the importance of animals in residents’
lives. For a quick and easy way to find out, just filter the search using the pet-friendly tab on Love to Rent for a selection of current available property that you can enjoy with your furry friends.


Q. Can I personalise my Build to Rent home?

A. Build to Rent is offered either furnished or unfurnished, just simply search via the Love to Rent platform  
to select your preference. Renting an unfurnished space will allow you to create your space to fit with
your tastes, enabling you to design a home to reflect your own unique style, or you have the convenience of having your home all ready to move in with a furnished space.


Q. What are the key advantages?

A. Unlike traditional rentals, you are dealing with professional property management, with key stand out
features including quality and responsive maintenance services and managers committed to creating a sense of community and wellbeing amongst residents.


Q. Can I find a house within the Build to Rent sector?

A.  Yes. Build to Rent caters for a diverse section of people, offering a wide range of properties including
houses. There’s a strong emphasis on family friendly features with many developments having dedicated play spaces and situated close to nurseries, schools and other features that appeal to families.


Q. Sustainability is important to me, how does the Build to Rent industry address this?

A. Many Build to Rent developments prioritise sustainability, incorporating energy-efficient technologies,
green spaces, and eco-friendly building materials. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious living, so you are sure to find like-minded residents within the communities.


Image The Didsbury - Phase Two - launching soon 



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