London renters find hope in Build to Rent solutions

  • 20th Feb 24
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LT3394 Rentersforcedtomove3 Page 0001

New data has revealed the sobering consequences of the lack of progress with the Renters Reform Bill, with renters dealing with the consequences. Data from Cornerstone Tax paints a challenging picture for both renters and landlords alike.

Key findings from the research showcases the pressing need for innovative solutions, with Build to rent emerging as a beacon of hope for London’s rental landscape. The data shows that 24% of London renters have had to move rental properties over five times in less than five years through no fault of their own and 25% of London renters say that they have lost out on a property they wanted to rent in the last two years due to a bidding war.

The data goes on to reveal that the future is set to be even more challenging with 37% of London landlords considering selling up due to rising costs in maintaining their property. Clearly something needs to be done, which is where, Love to Rent, a dedicated platform for Build to Rent properties, can stand at the forefront and offer a transformative approach to renting, giving customers security and peace of mind.

Anne-Marie Brown, Founder of Love to Rent says: “Build to Rent represents a pivotal shift towards a more sustainable and tenant-focused rental experience. At Love to Rent, we’re passionate about connecting individuals and families with high-quality Build to Rent properties that prioritise convenience, community, and comfort. Our platform not only streamlines the rental process but also empowers customers to understand more about the benefits of Build to Rent and what they can expect as a customer.”

Build to Rent plays a pivotal role in addressing the pressing challenges facing the rental market. The homes boast modern amenities and high-quality infrastructure, designed to cater specifically to tenants' needs. This often includes features such as gyms, communal spaces, and even dedicated maintenance teams, ensuring a hassle-free living experience.

However, one of the most important issues, especially when considering this new data, is that Build to Rent properties offer more secure, long-term tenancy options, providing tenants with greater stability and peace of mind compared to the uncertainty of periodic lease renewals common in traditional rental setups.

Managed by professional property management companies, Build to Rent developments can provide an efficient resolution of any issues or concerns that may arise. When compared to private rentals, Build to Rent presents a compelling alternative for individuals seeking a convenient, secure, and high-quality living environment.

“Although this research is London based, we have heard similar stories elsewhere in the country, which is why it is imperative that Love to Rent continues to offer a broad array of accommodation from studio apartments to large family homes, in a wide range of locations,” adds Anne-Marie. “At Love to Rent, we're not just connecting tenants with properties; we're building communities founded on security, convenience, and peace of mind. It is clear that there will be many more challenges for the rental sector in the future, making the Build to Rent alternative a promising solution for those seeking stability and quality in their rental experience.

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