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  • 29th Sep 23
Apartments to Rent by ila at Hairpin House, Birmingham, B12, dining kitchen area
Apartments to Rent by Touchstone Resi in Howard Court, High Wycombe, HP11, night time building panoramic
Apartments to Rent by Platform_ at Platform_Cardiff, Cardiff, CF10, roof terrace
Apartments to Rent by ila at Hairpin House, Birmingham, B12, dining kitchen area
Apartments to Rent by Touchstone Resi in Howard Court, High Wycombe, HP11, night time building panoramic
Apartments to Rent by Platform_ at Platform_Cardiff, Cardiff, CF10, roof terrace

The over 50s market is the largest age group in the UK (over 50 million people) and one of the most affluent. Alongside this, they are also more likely to have time on their hands, as they are often retired or semi-retired.

With this time, they are more likely to be active and engaged than other age groups, through exercise or socialising and with more disposable income, travel is high on the agenda.

For anyone looking to make the most of their ‘freedom years’, it might be time to consider shaking up your living arrangements. Key to this is downsizing, but not just to a smaller home. Professionally managed and maintained, Build to Rent has many advantages for the older generation. The sector comes with many unique features and benefits compared to homeownership or traditional renting, with one of the most significant for this age group being the flexible tenancies. 

Managing budgets for any age group comes with its own set of challenges and for the over 50s, they may be supporting both parents and older children. Downsizing to a Build to Rent property can result in many cost savings. The homes come with maintenance and repairs and sometimes full amenities such as gyms, co-working hubs and community spaces.

As you get older, financial planning and more predictability becomes increasingly important. Build to Rent gives you the opportunity to allocate your budget more efficiently and can simplify the process as well as reducing unexpected expenses through costly repairs.

When you’ve had a lifetime of fixing up properties and DIY, the wonderful advantage of renting through Build to Rent is that you won’t be responsible for property maintenance as well as any shared gardens or outside spaces. This gives customers the freedom to spend their leisure time on much more enjoyable pursuits or being available to care for relatives or friends.

Downsizing a property doesn’t mean downsizing a life with the over 50s often having more of a zest for adventure than anyone else. Being able to travel and explore the world can only be possible with the peace of mind of knowing that your home and possessions will be safe while you are away. Build to Rent homes prioritise security features such as controlled access, surveillance systems and well-lit common areas. Many also have a concierge and smart storage to ensure any packages are kept safe for your return home. This provides comfort for not only those away from their home for extended periods, but also for anyone who lives alone and is concerned about safety.

For many, downsizing goes hand in hand with a lifestyle choice to make the most of more leisure time. The Build to Rent sector is unique in recognising that providing homes for people is not enough, they provide community and social interaction.

There are often on-site events managers to help residents connect with neighbours through organising various events. This can by anything from summer barbeques, Christmas parties, cinema nights and games evenings. This can be particularly appealing for older individuals who want to maintain an active social life.

Furthermore, Build to Rent fosters a sense of community with customers from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. Intergenerational bonding allows for the exchange of wisdom and cultural values, promoting a sense of continuity and connection.

“Build to Rent offers purpose-designed, professionally managed buildings with a wide range of amenities, creating an aspirational lifestyle choice,” explains Anne-Marie Brown, Founder of Love to Rent,  “The big drivers that appeal to all customers, especially those looking to downsize, are connectivity, community and activity, with Build to Rent able to deliver on all of these with a whole host of amenities and social events. Developers build on existing social infrastructure with transport links, making the homes ideal to stay connected locally or visit further afield.”

The team at Love to Rent are committed to educating individuals about the benefits of Build to Rent and why it can provide a solution for a range of different circumstances. Lifting the lid to discover more about this growing sector is helping customers make informed decisions about their future.

“Build to Rent is designed for the way people want to live today,” adds Anne-Marie. “Of course, that means well designed, contemporary properties but also many features that are not immediately visible. This can be homes that incorporate sustainable and energy-efficient design elements, reducing your environmental footprint and lowering utility bills through to developments that are pet friendly. The customer experience of Build to Rent starts from the moment people start browsing the Love to Rent website, through to viewing properties and support moving in and then the whole time they are customers.”

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