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  • 25th Sep 23
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One Silk Street, Manchester Living Area
Apoliverpool Lounge Workspace
010 Hires Plaistowhub Plot102 Showhomephotography Lovetorent 2S2A8573
One Silk Street, Manchester Living Area
Apoliverpool Lounge Workspace

In the ever-evolving landscape of housing options, there is a route available perfect for individuals and families seeking a high-quality rental living experience.

Build to Rent is a modern and innovative approach to rental housing. The concept revolves around communities purposefully designed for renters, offering amenities, conveniences and services that cater to a wide range of needs. The professional management offers a service that is highly specialised ensuring residents’ needs are promptly met, offering a hassle-free living experience.

This is very different to the private rent, or more traditional approach to renting, where individuals lease properties owned by private landlords. While the experience can vary based on the landlord’s approach, private rent generally involves fewer amenities and communal spaces compared to Build to Rent.

One of the standout differences is the community aspect of Build to Rent, meaning that many people are choosing this option for lifestyle reasons. In fact, the latest JLL 2023 Tenant Survey Report, cited exactly what renters are looking for, and Build to Rent fulfills many of these needs.

Across the ages and demographics, renters have become more focused on the energy efficiency of their homes as the cost of living pressure continues to hit the headlines. It’s not just financial, the survey also shows they are interested in sustainability and reducing their carbon emissions.

Build to Rent developments have been built to retain energy through improved design and better insulation. Developers have embraced the latest technologies and renewable solutions to convert and store energy, so the homes are more efficient.

When questioned, more than three quarters (76%) of renters stated that their home’s energy efficiency is more important to them now than a year ago. In fact, 90% of those surveyed said it would be an important or crucial factor when it comes to their next home, rising from 84% last year.

The pandemic changed how many people live and work and this continues to impact renters’ choices. According to the JLL survey, 45% of tenants never worked from home pre-pandemic. Although tenants are returning to the office, 72% still work from home at least once a week. Hybrid working now appears to be taking hold, so tenants are demanding the best of both worlds from their home.

For those that live in a Build to Rent development, the isolation of working alone can be a thing of the past with many developments offering dedicated work spaces shared with others, kitted out with gorgeous furnishings, as well as high speed internet as standard.

While it is clear, the benefits of Build to Rent are many, what is not so straightforward is where you can go to secure your rental home. Addressing this problem is the Love to Rent website, the first and leading digital marketing platform and lettings service exclusively for Build to Rent. 

In support of the website and educating customers about their rental choices, the Love to Rent week was launched to highlight stories from those living in Build to Rent developments and the most common questions about the sector.

Love to Rent Founder Anne-Marie Brown explains: “The website showcases a wide range of different developments across the UK in both city and suburban locations, including both modern apartments and contemporary houses. It is clear from customer feedback that people want a different approach to renting and are attracted by the lifestyle offerings that Build to Rent can offer. Both the website and the Love to Rent week are focused on explaining how the sector is growing and is underpinned by the very real wants and needs of the customers.”

When explored in detail, the benefits of Build to Rent create an exceptional living experience for renters. Many developments include amenities like gyms, games areas, cafes and lounges as well as dedicated events or lifestyle managers, living in a Build to Rent development is an excellent choice for young professionals, families and downsizers.  

With flexible leases, excellent customer service as standard, concierge and security facilities as well as predictable rents, the sector is continuing to expand while keeping community at the heart of everything it does. And as a bonus, many are pet-friendly, and even have dedicated services for your feline friends or pooches.


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