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  • 26th Sep 23
Furry Friends Welcome Too
Furry Friends Welcome Too

With a focus on delivering unparalleled convenience, location-based preferences and tailored amenities, Build to Rent has become a sought-after choice for a wide range of individuals.

One of the primary reasons behind its increasing popularity, is the emphasis on prime locations. The developments are strategically situated in proximity to urban centres, transportation hubs and essential services and can be found in both cities and suburban areas. This ensures that residents can enjoy work, leisure and daily activities without difficult commutes.

Build to Rent has been growing in popularity over the last decade and is enjoyed by a wide demographic including young professionals, families, downsizers and those who are attracted to the community aspect at the heart of the sector’s ethos. To help individuals in finding the home that is right for them, Love to Rent is the first and leading digital marketing platform and lettings service exclusively for Build to Rent. Customers can search via developments, specific locations or facilities and will find a wide range of property types and locations across the UK.

“The website was launched to address the need for people to easily search and view Build to Rent homes and understand more about what they offer,” explains Love to Rent Founder Anne-Marie Brown. “We know that people are renting through choice and with that they have high expectations, which the Build to Rent sector addresses through its approach to serving the modern renter.”

In fact, the latest JLL 2023 Tenant Survey Report, cited exactly what renters are looking for, and location is a priority. Gone are the days when socialising near the office was an integral part of working life. Tenants are now more likely to meet people near their home or seek the buzz of the town or city centre.  The local area also plays a key role in tenants’ overall sense of wellbeing and happiness, with 98% of tenants saying it is important. When questioned, proximity to shops and leisure facilities, green spaces, pubs and restaurants, as well as public transport, all ranked highly.

“Build to Rent developers prioritise prime locations with strong market demand, convenient access to amenities and transportation,” explains Anne-Marie Brown. “These desirable neighbourhoods create attractive living experiences for their customers, especially when combined with a comprehensive set of amenities that cater to diverse lifestyle preferences.”

The Build to Rent sector goes beyond just offering a place to live. They provide a complete living experience, enhancing the quality of life for their residents. By fostering a sense of community through communal workspaces, gyms, landscaped areas, cinema rooms or lounges, there are countless opportunities for relaxation, recreation and social time. According to the JLL 2023 Tenant Survey Report, the on-site leisure facilities were the cherry of the cake and customers would pay more for them. Of those surveyed, 68% said they would pay a premium for the likes of a gym or swimming pool. Following closely behind, 67% of tenants would pay more to live close to public transport and an overwhelming 92% of those surveyed said that living close to public transport was important or very important. This is likely to be fuelled by the fact that 71% of tenants don’t own a car.

Renting should mean that renters have equal rights as homeowners but where pets are concerned, that is very rarely the case. Renting with pets can be challenging because the decision to allow tenants to keep animals in their rental property still lies with the landlord.  

The love for pets is a crucial consideration for many renters, which is why Build to Rent communities have embraced this with not only allowing them but welcoming them with open arms by providing spaces for them to play, exercise and even socialise. This pet-friendly approach makes for a welcoming, inclusive environment in which everyone can enjoy.

It’s also the fundamentals that matter to customers. Build to Rent properties are designed with the modern renter in mind and offer a hassle-free moving in experience. This includes anything from pre-installed WIFI to the choice of stylish furniture packs. The focus on ready to move convenience is what renters are after. In fact, according to JLL, in this digital age, broadband speed topped the list of what they’d look for in their next home.

“Build to Rent has redefined the renting experience, offering not just a place to live but a lifestyle too,” adds Anne-Marie Brown. “Individuals and families will find a wide range of properties on the Love to Rent website, each offering carefully curated amenities, facilities and a location-centric approach. The sector has continued to grow by responding to the needs of customers, further fueling its reputation as offering a convenient and comfortable experience, honed to the exact requirements of individuals.”


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