Building friendships and community in rental homes

  • 19th Oct 23
Community Friendship
Community Friendship

Building connections

Going beyond just providing a place to live, momentum is continuing to grow for the innovative approach to rental housing that takes a holistic approach to the whole experience. Build to Rent providers are placing equal importance into the quality of a development and the services offered to residents to ensure vibrant community engagement. This is fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing residents’ quality of life and as the sector continues to grow, community engagement remains at the heart of its success.

Why connection matters

Humans are inherently social beings and have a fundamental need for social interaction and connection with others. Build to Rent developers have understood the importance of this connection, which is why within every development that is built, there has been thought and consideration to how residents experience living within these homes. Building and nurturing communities is not just vital for individuals, it can have a far reaching positive effects on the broader community.

The rise of community-centric Build to Rent

Community engagement is a central component of the business model for Build to Rent operators. It’s not just a throw away add on or last minute thought, it is an integral part of the offering and one that more residents are beginning to seek out. In fact, its significance in changing outdated perceptions of renting are incredibly important and it’s being recognised as having sizeable impact in meeting the needs of the modern renter. In the Love to Rent awards, there is a category dedicated to this with the Social Value Impact Award looking at several touchpoints including what strategies have been developed to ensure positive community engagement.

Connection points

Meeting neighbours and residents doesn’t need to be a formal process. Build to Rent has constructed an easy and sociable way to live through various touchpoints throughout the development. Thoughtful design and amenities have been created with community in mind. They often include shared spaces like communal lounges, rooftop gardens, fitness centres and co-working space. These amenities encourage residents to interact, socialise and build relationships.

Benefits to customers

Together with an improved social life, Build to Rent operators may also offer customers supportive services. This could be anything from childcare, pet care or wellness programmes. These services make residents’ lives more convenient and contribute to a stronger sense of community. 

Types of events offered

With specialised events’ organisers and community managers within many Build to Rent developments, there are plenty of options in terms of activities. Events are planned to foster a sense of community and improve the overall quality of life for residents and is a big USP for potential customers. Community managers will oversee offering numerous different types of events to appeal to a wide range of customers including socials, fitness classes, cooking workshops, movie nights, seasonal celebrations, book clubs, game nights, sports tournaments and pet-friendly events.

Virtual meet ups

Engagement in the modern world needs to be supported by technology to create the most efficient connectivity. Many Build to Rent operators offer digital platforms or apps that facilitate communication among residents. These platforms allow residents to connect, share information and organise their own events and meet ups. With high-speed internet and smart home technology, these features not only connect them to neighbours but also to the digital world, allowing them to work, study and enjoy entertainment from the comfort of their homes.

Find your tribe

Whether it is finding play spaces for children, pet meet ups or rooftop yoga, Love to Rent supports developers in their community engagement by ensuring it is clearly stated on the website under each property description. Follow us on social media to find out about new events and seasonal activities or speak to our friendly team to learn more.


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