Why live in an award-winning development

  • 10th May 23
Living In An Award Winning Apartment
Living In An Award Winning Apartment

Build to Rent operators are breaking down barriers and demolishing outdated perceptions of renting. They invest in establishing a positive and productive rental relationship and building trust with their customers. To further enhance this and to give customers access to as much information as possible, many will enter industry awards. For the consumer, living in an award-winning development creates confidence like nothing else, which was the impetus for the Build to Rent Awards, hosted by Love to Rent.

Seal of approval

Sometimes the consumer choice can be overwhelming. There are endless options with so many selections that it can be difficult to know which one is the best. Awards can make decision making easier, validate that decision and make customers feel more confident, knowing that, in the case of the Build to Rent Awards, it has been recognised by a panel of industry experts. 

Exceptional quality

An award-winning development will be recognised for its high-quality standards. This will be for every aspect such as construction, design, amenities and customer service. By choosing an award-winning development, you can be confident that there will be a high level of quality in all aspects of your living experience.


After an initial viewing, a potential customer may feel that everything looks great. But what happens when doubts creep in because many people won’t have the knowledge to truly understand the ins and outs of construction or design. Awards can help put their mind at ease because they serve as a quality assurance check. If a development has received an award, it indicates that it has met a certain standard of quality.

Be part of a community

Loneliness across the UK is on the rise and effects renters more than homeowners. Changing this narrative is the Build to Rent sector, offering events teams to arrange socials and utilise technology to help those in the building make connections. Choosing an award-winning development, consumers will have the confidence of knowing that they are moving into a home where they can become part of an established community, especially important if they are moving into a new city or suburb.

Social impact

Positive social value is at the core of Build to Rent, which is why there is a dedicated award category in the Build to Rent Awards. Customers will be attracted by a development that can boast this award win because they want to know that their living experience is taken seriously by all, and they have friendly, respectful and helpful neighbours. Renters who live in such a development are more likely to participate in community activities, which can lead to a sense of belonging and a positive experience. In the case of the Build to Rent awards, customers will also know that the developer has been bold in making sure that the development is addressing social inequalities.

Live your best life

Build to Rent has the reputation of offering a wealth of lifestyle amenities but even within the sector, there are different offerings. When a consumer is alerted about an award-winning development, they will understand its enhanced lifestyle offerings. This could be anything from events, swimming pools, co-working spaces, gyms, rooftop gardens or cinema rooms.

Sustainability credentials

Consumers are looking for rentals that prioritise sustainability, with more people seeking out products that are produced and delivered in a sustainable way. The BTR Sustainability Award in the Build to Rent Awards looks at organisations that have invested in energy efficient, sustainable and low impact developments. The winner of this category will be of particular interest to customers wanting to understand more about the direct and indirect implications on development for the environment.

Check out the criteria for each category www.buildtorentawards.co.uk



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