Summer in the city and suburbs

  • 07th Jun 23
Summer In The City And Suburbs
Summer In The City And Suburbs

The sun is shining, and the summer has finally made an appearance. But wait, before you reach for the SPF and the sunhat, have you considered how to ensure your home is summer-ready to enjoy the season. In the UK, as summer heats up, there can be a whole host of challenges, many of which can be avoided by living in a Build to Rent home.

Give it a clean

There are certain areas in the home that require some special attention in the summer, either from an aesthetic or health related point of view.

Windows: remove dust, dirt and smudges to allow more natural light to enter the home.

Window screens: remove and clean the screens to get rid of pollen and debris to improve airflow and prevent allergens from entering the home.

Air conditioner filters: ask your Build to Rent maintenance team to clean or replace the filters in your air conditioning to maintain proper airfow and keep the home clean and fresh.

Fridge: give your fridge a clean in preparation for the increased fresh produce that is often consumed over the summer. Remove out of date food and wipe down shelves and draws.

Bedding: it is advisable to wash this more frequently during the summer, as you may sweat more and accumulate more allergens.

Bathroom vents: check and clean the vents in your bathroom to ensure proper airflow and prevent build up of dust and mold. In the humid summer months, it is important to have good ventilation.


Outdoor living spaces

In the summer, any outdoor spaces act as another room. Many Build to Rent homes come with their own balcony or terrace area so show it some love to enjoy balmy evenings or al fresco dining. Sweep and wash the decking and remove any debris, cobwebs or stains. Consider the overall design with potted plants or flowers, outdoor rugs and furniture to entice you to make the most of the longer daylight hours.

Air conditioning and ventilation

If you are about to consider a move, ensure the home has air conditioning or adequate ventilation to give some respite from the blazing hot days and long sweaty nights. Find out what is on offer to maintain a fresh and comfortable indoor environment. Build to Rent homes will also be built with energy-efficiency in mind. Proper insulation, energy-efficient windows and appliances can also help to keep energy costs down during summer months.

Curtains, shades and blinds

Keep your curtains or blinds closed during the day to block out the sun’s heat. Light coloured curtains or those with a reflective backing can help reduce the amount of heat that enters the home and blackout curtains or thermal shades are designed to block both sunlight and heat. During cooler parts of the day, open your curtains, shades or blinds to allow fresh air to circulate to help cool down your home naturally.

Summer activities

If there is a communal outdoor space available, get together with neighbours to organise outdoor meet ups, picnics or barbeques. Set up games for a bit of friendly competition, most people still love and remember their old sports day games such as rounders or even the egg and spoon race. Summer evenings can be a great time for an outside movie night with comfortable bean bag seating and popcorn. 

Beat the bugs

Don’t let the bugs ruin your summer entertaining plans. Beat the bugs with these top tips.

Standing water: mosquitoes are attracted to standing water so be sure to empty any containers such as flowerpot lids or buckets.

Cover it: mesh food domes or lids on food and drink will help keep the flies away.

Natural insect repellents: bugs hate citronella, lemon eucalyptus or lavender so use in candles or apply directly to skin. Avoid scented lotions or perfumes as they attract bugs.

Outdoor lighting: keep to a minimal or opt for yellow or amber bulbs which are less appealing to insects. LED lights also attract fewer bugs than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Use fans: this will not only keep you more comfortable, but the breeze makes it more difficult for bugs to fly.

Plants: bug-repellent plants like marigolds, lavender, citronella grass or basil act as a natural deterrent and enhance your outdoor space.


Sleeping well in a heatwave

For a good night’s sleep when it’s hot outside, create a cool, comfortable environment in the bedroom with our top tips.

Bedding choices: cotton or linen sheets offer a lightweight, breathable fabric and avoid synthetic materials that can trap heat and moisture.

Cross ventilation: open windows on the opposite sides of your bedroom, if possible, to create a cross breeze. Or position fans to help draw in cool air from outside and push warm air out.

Minimise heat sources: turn off or unplug any unnecessary electrical devices as they can generate heat.

Cooling aids: cooling mattress toppers or cooling pads/pillows can help to regulate your body temperature and enhance your comfort during the night.

Nighttime routine: take a cool shower before bed to lower your body temperature. Alternatively, Aloe Vera on the skin absorbs into the body four times quicker than water and will help to cool you down more efficiently.


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