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  • 31st Jul 23
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We are bombarded with news about first-time buyers struggling to get onto the housing ladder. Although there are options such as Shared Ownership, this is still not affordable for all. Together with the shortage of rental properties on the open market, many believe this is a crises situation reaching boiling point. However, there’s a viable alternative that is increasing in popularity, thanks to improved awareness.

Build to Rent offers a rental route that is unlike traditional rental options. With its many advantages, people are starting to understand how it can benefit their lifestyle, increasingly important when considering how many people feel their options are limited.

Directly following on from Shared Ownership week, the next Love to Rent Week will be the last week in September starting Monday 25th. The timing is no coincidence, the people behind Love to Rent, the first and leading digital marketing platform exclusively for the Build to Rent sector, want to give people a desirable alternative if they have been unable to secure a home via Shared Ownership or other routes.

“The Love to Rent Week showcases customer stories, the wide range of developments and property types available and the many advantages that the sector offers,” explains Love to Rent Founder Anne-Marie Brown. “The aim is to continue to educate people about how Build to Rent is for everyone, offering a quality option and an exciting alternative when they discover the many lifestyle benefits.”

The Love to Rent team wants to engage with as many renting organisations as possible to promote the considerable benefits and develop the conversation around the current challenges in the housing market. To do this, the team are looking for:

Case studies – Love to Rent is challenging the perception that renting is just for young professionals. The Build to Rent sector offers inclusive spaces for all residents including families, individuals with disabilities and older people. We want to promote a cross section of renters’ stories.

Design – The developments showcasing innovative approaches to Build to Rent. We are looking for community-oriented designs, sustainable practices and the integration of smart technologies for enhanced customer experiences.

Amenities – Build to Rent developments offer a wide range of lifestyle amenities from gyms to yoga studios to co-working hubs. Amenities that cater to customers’ convenience such as package delivery systems, on-site maintenance or concierge services, we want to know the best ones on offer.

Incentives – From affordable rental options, through to flexible leases, predictable costs and pet-friendly, we want to highlight what the sector is doing to help combat the problems that are associated with renting through private landlords.

Events – New development openings can have a hugely positive impact on the local area. Community engagement is at the core of Build to Rent, and we want to highlight developments that are hosting local events or working with charities and independent businesses.

About Love to Rent 

Love to Rent is the first and leading digital marketing platform and lettings service exclusively for Build to Rent. Our offering ranges from finding the perfect customer to full management, providing a quality service focused on customer experience. www.lovetorent.co.uk

To participate in the Love to Rent Week, contact the team.


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