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  • 20th Jul 23
Travel Bug
Travel Bug

Embrace the joy of carefree adventure with the many perks of Build to Rent properties, perfect for people who love to travel

Low maintenance lifestyle

So, what could possibly go wrong? Well often plenty of things and getting a call from a neighbour about a problem with your home is the last thing you want to deal with while trekking the Inca Trail or lying on a sunbed sipping a mojito. Build to Rent properties are managed by professionals taking away any stress or worry. A maintenance team is on hand 24/7 so you don’t have to think about repairs or the burden of home upkeep, while you are thousands of miles away making memories.

Flexibility and freedom 

One of the greatest advantages in the Build to Rent sector is the flexible tenancy options. This offers you flexibility enabling you to match your living arrangements to your travel plans. 

Lock up and leave

Build to Rent communities are designed to be secure and offer peace of mind while you are away. Many have concierge services, secure places for packages to be delivered and stored or 24/7 CCTV. With Build to Rent, you can just lock up and leave your front door without concerns about security while you are away.

Amenities for travellers

Many Build to Rent developments offer a huge array of different amenities from gyms to cinema rooms to co-working spaces. Many are also pet-friendly, even offering pet care options, making it easier to prepare for your adventures knowing that your furry friends will be having a holiday of their own.

Find your tribe

Community is at the core of the Build to Rent industry and often attracts communities of like-minded individuals. Find people with similar lifestyles and interests including fellow travellers, which creates a vibrant and social environment where you can exchange travel tips and stories.


Renting via Build to Rent may prove more cost-effective than owning a property when you consider mortgage payments, taxes, insurances and maintenance.

Better budgeting

This gives a clear and fixed housing cost, making budgeting more predictable and straightforward. What’s more, in some developments there’s no need for costly deposits when moving in either.

Travel light

Most Build to Rent developments come with, or offer, fully furnished options with essential furniture, appliances and amenities. This allows customers to move in without the hassle of purchasing lots of things and the expense of storing them if they decide to travel for extended periods.

Convenient locations

Build to Rent developments are often situated in prime locations with easy access to transport hubs, making it a breeze to get to airports or train stations to get to your favourite travel destinations with ease, leaving more time for carefree exploring.

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