Sustainable future

  • 13th Dec 22
Sustainable Home
Sustainable Home

Sustainable future

As a lifelong environmentalist, King Charles is one of the most recognisable figures championing a more sustainable future. As more consumers recognise the importance of living more sustainably, we look at the important role that Build to Rent is taking in the housing industry.

Climate crises

Covid, the cost-of-living crises, war in Ukraine, numerous government reshuffles and even the unexpected appearance of Matt Hancock on I’m a Celebrity, are all distractions from what is happening with our planet. With his life-long commitment to environmental causes, King Charles is one voice among many that calls for more to be done to protect our planet.  The Climate Book by Greta Thunberg aims to offer a ‘global overview of how the planet’s many crises connect’ and includes contributions from scientists, economists and even novelist Margaret Atwood. With Greta’s belief that no one is too small to make a difference, it is crucial that the housing industry plays its part in helping people live more sustainably.

How tech can support sustainable renting

Living more sustainably can be achieved if we learn to work together and use technology to unlock data on how people live. At Quintain Living, the team has created new innovative technology to support residents to live more sustainably and save on utilities consumption, while helping its team identify maintenance issues. Quintain Living’s data reporting tool was shortlisted for the 2022 EG Tech Award. It works by helping customers reduce their use of natural resources such as electricity and water by measuring the utilities consumption of every apartment. It automatically reads meters every 15 minutes and sets this data against the unique context of each home, factoring in its size, number of occupants and orientation, which will be impacted due to its position and how much sunlight and warmth it’s likely to get.  

Responding to residents’ concerns

Sustainability isn’t a passing trend and Build to Rent residents want to be part of the solution to the problems.The Office for National Statistics surveyed UK households and found that around three-quarters (75%) of adults in the UK were concerned to some degree about climate change. Developers are responding by building homes that are kinder to the environment whilst improving the quality of life for residents. This can include anything from building sustainability-oriented apartments through to green initiatives including robust recycling programs, energy-efficient infrastructure such as smart thermostats, and leak sensors, and water waste prevention measures.

Give residents control

The climate crises is important to many Build to Rent customers, which is why developers are working with experts in order to give residents more control over their carbon footprint. This includes apps allowing residents to track their carbon output and see where their green performance ranks in the neighbourhood. With the cost-of-living crisis also high on the priority list for many, this technology can monitor utility usage and spend and offers tips and advice to help minimise the cost of running the home.

Creating sustainable communities

The phenomenal growth of Build to Rent is largely due to the rising demand for quality rental property. Developers understand that sustainability will benefit residents and improve the quality of their life through green initiatives like robust recycling and energy-efficient infrastructure that will offer warmer, more comfortable homes that use less energy. This will create happier residents making the whole development a more enjoyable place to live.

Sustainable features in Build to Rent homes

  • Smart thermostats that sense and regulate temperature, which delivers maximum comfort and energy efficiency settings.
  • Supporting local living with many developments having a commercial offering that is let to independent local businesses.
  • Outside areas where residents can relax.
  • Allotment planters to produce fresh seasonal food.
  • Walking and cycling routes as well as play spaces for children.
  • Built with eco-friendly materials that can withstand the elements better.
  • High levels of insulation giving a consistent temperature in every room.
  • Many Build to Rent developers use eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic, better for the health of the resident and less harmful to the environment.




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