Paw print on website sparks interest in pet-friendly rental

  • 14th Dec 23

It was the icon of a little paw print on a website that sparked an interest for Cobby Chan when she was looking for a new home to rent with her little dog, Polo. Faced with the challenges of securing a pet-friendly rental property, Cobby found herself drawn to the concept of Build to Rent developments, which not only promised high-quality living spaces but also catered to the needs of four legged-residents.

After doing a quick Google search, Cobby came across Love to Rent, the first and leading digital marketing platform and lettings service exclusively for Build to Rent. “The website is very easy to navigate and well laid out and what I found most useful was the icons showing different facilities and amenities,” says Cobby. “I could tell straight away if the developments I was interested in would allow pets by a little paw icon, which ones had gyms and any other facilities that they offered. It saved me a lot of time and potential disappointment.”

Once Cobby pinpointed the developments she was interested in, she contacted the Love to Rent team and was very pleased with the process. “The day after I enquired on the website, I was contacted by the management team of the development that I wanted to visit, making the whole process very efficient.”

Originally from Hong Kong, Cobby studied in Birmingham before moving to London to work as a data analyst. With her job allowing her to work from home, Cobby decided to move back to Birmingham for several reasons.

“I had been living in London for about six months but missed what Birmingham can offer,” she explains. “I love Birmingham as a city and being able to be close to the Malls and so many great restaurants and it’s considerably cheaper than London with great transport options as well.”

Cobby’s Love to Rent search led her to a development called Hairpin House in the Digbeth neighbourhood, just a 10-minute walk away from Birmingham city centre. Her two-bedroom apartment features a fully equipped kitchen and contemporary bathrooms. With sleek modern features and top-of-the-range specification and finishes, the home got Cobby’s and Polo’s seal of approval.

“It’s lovely and comfortable with contemporary design and fixtures and for Polo, there is a large open space with the roof top garden so we can go and stretch our legs and meet other people and their pets,” says Cobby.

As a young professional in a city, Cobby was delighted to find out there is an on-site team to help with recommending places to visit through to fixing any maintenance issues.

“It’s so well organised and much more convenient for me when compared to traditional renting and having to deal with a landlord,” says Cobby. “I can contact the management team directly and any issues will be resolved swiftly.”

Cobby has also very much enjoyed the social and community aspect of Build to Rent as she explains: “It’s lovely having the opportunity to meet new people and neighbours. There’s lots of events organised such as pizza nights, Halloween parties and rooftop summer events and everything is included in the rental price, so you feel like they are really giving you something back of value.”

Working from home, Cobby is planning on using the co-working space and meeting rooms and the super-fast WIFI is a must-have to ensure a seamless working day. Polo is also looking forward to making some new friends and with events such as puppy yoga on offer, he will be spoilt for choice.

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