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Looking For A New BTR HOME
Looking For A New BTR HOME

This bit between Christmas and New Year is an odd one. You forget days of the week, can easily slip into a food coma and have to be prised off the sofa as you watch old films on repeat. While none of this is necessarily a bad thing, you can use your 'Twixmas' time quite wisely by getting yourself organised, including finding yourself a new home for the new year.

When home no longer serves

Many people consider the period between Christmas and New year as a time for reflection. As you take the opportunity to slow down, thoughts often become clearer as you consider what has brought challenges and joy during the past year. Spending more time at home is also the catalyst for realising that your property may not be serving you anymore. It may be the realisation that it’s time to move out of your family home, living in a shared house has lost its shine or now the children have moved out, it’s time to downsize. There’s a multitude of reasons why this is an opportune moment to embark on an exciting property journey, especially within the Build to Rent sector.

Developers’ year-end goals

OK so we are going to let you into a little secret. As the year draws to a close, some Build to Rent operators often set year-end goals to finalise projects and meet targets. This drive to complete construction and fill units can work to your advantage. Build to Rent organisations may be more inclined to negotiate lease terms, offer incentives or provide exclusive deals to ensure a successful year-end completion. Seizing this moment could result in a great agreement for you as a potential tenant.

Exclusive offers and incentives

Father Christmas may have one more gift for you up his sleeve. In the spirit of the season, many operators may be able to offer exclusive incentives and promotions to attract tenants during the festive period. This could be anything from reduced rates to additional amenities bundled into the lease agreement. It’s worth exploring Build to Rent properties to find out if there are any special offers that sweeten the deal and make the prospect of moving into stylish, purpose-built rental property even more enticing.

Less competition

With people visiting family, going on holiday or just having a rest, there is less competition during the holiday season. With people focussed on other things, diverting attention away from property searches, this period gives you a unique advantage. Twixmas provides the opportunity to secure a home in a sought-after Build to Rent development without the usual rush.

Early access to new developments

Operators often time the completion of Build to Rent properties to coincide with the start of a new year. Hunting for a Build to Rent home during Twixmas allows you to gain early access to these new developments. Being among the first tenants can provide you with the opportunity to choose from a broader selection of homes and secure a spot in a community that is just beginning to take shape, allowing you to be there at the exciting beginning.

Time to decide

The holiday season is a time to step back, slow down and be more considerate in your decision-making. With a break from the usual busy routine, you can carefully consider your lifestyle preferences and what you really want from a new home. Each Build to Rent development will have their own unique offerings and taking the time to consider what you really want out of your home ensures that your decision aligns with your long-term goals and plans, contributing to a positive living experience for the year ahead.

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