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  • 09th Aug 23
Mobile Phones Helping Renters
Mobile Phones Helping Renters

No, we are not talking the caravan variety. Smartphones are being used to give customers control over their Build to Rent homes, creating one of the most exciting developments in this space. This innovation is shaping the future of residential living, creating the ultimate ‘mobile home.’ Here are just some of the ways which Build to Rent operators are incorporating the technology to improve the customer experience.

Your home, your way

Smartphones act as a central hub for smart home technology, allowing residents to easily control various aspects of their living spaces. Coming home from holiday and it’s a bit nippy? No problem, adjust the thermostat on the journey home.

Safe as houses

Feeling secure at home is of utmost importance to any resident. With smartphone-based access control systems, Build to Rent customers can grant temporary access to visitors, receive real-time security alerts and monitor their home from anywhere in the world. This is alongside a concierge or CCTV surveillance, making Build to Rent developments one of the safest places to live.

Repairs and maintenance

If you need a repair or maintenance service, many Build to Rent operators are working with smartphone apps to offer an easy service for residents to submit requests or report any repair issues. Not only will customers get seen quickly, but it also removes so much of the frustration if things go wrong. 

Bringing the community together

Most Build to Rent developments offer shared spaces and amenities. But now, providers are going one step further and encouraging community engagement by offering smartphone platforms to connect with neighbours, find out about events and generally access information about what’s going on. Many also offer a chat service so residents can interact online before meeting in real life.

Energy efficiency

Sustainability and energy efficiency are factors that customers are asking for as standard. Within Build to Rent, operators can really deliver by using technology. Smartphone controlled thermostats, lighting systems and appliances enable residents to manage their energy consumption, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Convenience and comfort

Being able to manage what is happening with the home while you are away, gives the ultimate peace of mind. Beyond the functional aspects, smartphones allow residents to make their space personal. From setting custom preferences for climate control to creating mood lighting, the personalisation enables a modern, efficient and resident-focused housing solution.

New platforms

Get Living has partnered with TULU to deliver its new smart residential appliance platform at the Victory Plaza and Portlands Place schemes in East Village, Stratford. Residents will have on-demand access to everyday appliances via a mobile application, tailored to the needs of the residents. Some of the advantages include quick and easy access to household appliances, games and other essentials to enhance the living experience and allowing residents to rent to offer more flexibility and less consumerism.

Rental items available to residents include Bosch cordless vacuum cleaners and robot mops, game consoles, VR headsets, projectors and air mattresses. Residents can also purchase items such as healthy snacks and food staples. The TULU Smart Rental Units are situated within the lobbies of Victory Plaza and in the reception area and tenth floor Skybridge at Portlands Place.



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