How to be a savvy saver as a renter

  • 08th Sep 22
How to be a savvy saver as a renter

For just 10% more, your home life can be transformed. Smart renters are choosing to pay slightly more by renting through the Build to Rent sector and enjoy the many lifestyle savings that can be made. Here’s how you can be a savvy saver as a renter.

Save time, money and stress

Heartbreaking stories about landlords ripping off tenants are all too familiar. Reneging on contracts, not fixing faulty appliances and even evicting them with little notice causes a huge amount of anxiety, not to mention money. While not all private landlords are like this, there has been enough reports of issues to cause anxieties amongst tenants. When you rent through Build to Rent, you are dealing with professional landlords who place customer service at the forefront of the business. Repairs are dealt with quickly by the dedicated maintenance teams and you get to choose the length of your tenancy rather than the other way round.

More choice

One of the things that are pushing up private rents are the limited choice of properties available. Due to tax changes impacting profits, the traditional supply of rented accommodation by private landlords is shrinking. This supply and demand issue is pushing up rents so you can end up paying over the odds for sub-standard accommodation. Build to Rent developments are springing up all over the place, especially in cities which attract many people for work. There is a huge amount of choice available for all budgets and a wide selection of sizes to suit a range of people.

Save on style

Why compromise on style just because you are renting. Build to Rent properties are created specifically to meet the needs of their customers and do not compromise on style. Expect high standards of design, excellent specification and many offer a choice of interior design and furnishing packages. 

Forget gym fees

Love going to the gym but put off by the eye-watering joining costs and monthly charges? Many Build to Rent developments offer gyms as part of the package, saving you hundreds of pounds per year.

Communal extras

As well as gyms, you will find many additional extras that come included in your rental price. This can be super-fast wife, co-working spaces, cinema rooms and dining facilities to name just a few. When calculating your monthly spend, these additions can lead to huge savings.

Save on your social life

Build to Rent is a way of life, offering a strong community focus through dedicated events managers. Customers can enjoy wellness sessions, cinema nights, rooftop barbeques and supper evenings, giving access to a social life literally on your doorstep. 

Pets won’t cost more

There is a huge lack of private rental properties that allow pets. For years, tenants have been discriminated against if they have a dog or cat, with many private landlords increasing the price of the property. Build to Rent developers understand how important it is for tenants to have a pet so are not only welcoming pets with open arms, but many also have social events just for them, so you can relax in the knowledge that pets are more than welcomed.

Keep a track of your spending

For savers, the Build to Rent model offers simplicity in helping you to monitor your monthly spending. From your initial view to moving into your new home, it can take less than a week, largely in part because in some developments there is no deposit required, and the professional management service will support you through the entire process. This fast process means you don’t have to waste time or money by viewing lots of rental homes so you can get on with your work and life with minimal interruptions.


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