Five reasons why Build to Rent customers get the best rental experience

  • 27th Sep 22
Five reasons why Build to Rent customers get the best rental experience

Five reasons why Build to Rent customers get the best rental experience

Over the last ten years, the Build to Rent market has exploded in the UK. As one of the fastest growing subsectors of the residential market, we look at some of the reasons for its popularity and why it gives renters the best experience possible.

1/ Customer service

Build to Rent operators provide a completely different level of customer service. It’s not just initially when they move in, this high standard lasts throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The reason for this is the customer is centric to the entire business offering. This plays out with high expectations of good communication, onsite staff, security, or concierge and constantly improving the offering by listening to customers.

2/ Utilising technology

Technology is key to how much residents enjoy living in the Build to Rent sector. It helps to build strong communities, which is especially important to combat loneliness in cities. Communities don’t just happen, developers must work hard to build them, and technology can help reach all residents and form connections through arranging activities such as yoga, meditation, and cookery classes. Right from the start, technology can make the whole rental process smoother. Customers get a single point of contact, arrange a visit, sign the contract, and make their first payment all through the same tool. For the operators, using technology efficiently, frees them up to concentrate on providing the very best experience for their customers.

3/ Getting the basics right

When you strip it all back, what renters should expect as standard, but don’t always get in the private sector, is feeling well looked after. As well as having great facilities on site, it is important that the basics are done right. This means things like excellent WIFI, quick repairs, excellent cleanliness, and good security so residents feel secure and happy in their homes. 

4/ Flexible tenancies to suit a range of customers

Five years ago, the demographics that were most likely to rent through Build to Rent, were young professionals. Today, there has been a shift and the appeal must be more universal to consider the wider audience including families, downsizers, and everything in between. Different renters have different requirements, but they all value the flexibility that the sector offers with flexible leases as standard. Some families might take out a short lease while they are between buying a property whereas people that have retired may choose to take out a long lease to give them security and opportunities to travel without worrying about their home.

5/ Enjoying the experience

There’s not that many renters in the private rental sector who describe their experience as one of joy. Build to Rent developers believe that renting should be a wonderful experience and go above and beyond to provide a service that is so much more than just letting a building. Purpose built rental accommodation responds to the changing needs of the market. It offers residents the feel of living within a community in higher quality accommodation, which in term encourages longer tenancies to create real friendships and an improved quality of life. The additional services and facilities are the icing on the cake to enjoy a unique living experience.



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