Where to find good family homes to rent in the UK

  • 26th Oct 22
Family Homes
Family Homes

The changing face of the rental market

Forget images of city professionals renting glitzy apartments, the truth is that the rental market needs to offer something for everyone, especially families. The number of families in the private rented sector has been rapidly increasing according to the English Housing Survey. Ten years prior to the pandemic, two parent households with dependent children had grown by 78%, showing that couples are no longer waiting until they have bought their first home to have children.

The shortage of private rental properties across the UK coupled with increased demand has led to a huge amount of interest in the Build to Rent sector, professionally managed rental properties with an array of lifestyle amenities, ideal for families. From spacious apartments to single-family homes, the newest form of Build to Rent, the homes provide aspirational yet attainable housing for people encompassing a wide range of budgets.

In fact, according to Love to Rent, the first and only digital marketing platform for the Build to Rent sector, the number of families searching for homes has increased during the last 12 months by 55%. Stats show that families are in fact renting a range of property from houses to spacious apartments, with many enjoying the child friendly facilities on offer.

“Love to Rent showcases plenty of developments with family friendly amenities including play spaces, suburban locations close to parks and homes within catchment of top-rated schools,” says Anne-Marie Brown, Founder and CEO of Love to Rent.

Increased choice of property is one of the key advantages of Build to Rent. For those struggling to find the right property in the traditional rental market, the Build to Rent sector has been built for the way modern buyers now want to live. This includes homes that are both eco-friendly and smart, with super-fast connectivity so the whole family can happily be online together whether that is for homework, work from home, gaming or entertainment.

“One of the biggest issues for families with children is that they want to be able to put down roots if they love the area and the property,” adds Anne-Marie Brown. “With Build to Rent, the customers have full control over the length of the tenancies so if the children are settled and have a place at a great school with friends close by the family does not have to worry about their landlord deciding to sell. Furthermore, there is no need to pay a deposit upfront, which is very useful for families needing to budget their expenses.”

Build to Rent has more commonly been associated with city centre apartments. However, there are a range of properties available both in the suburbs and city. To highlight how the sector is particularly serving families, this year’s Love to Rent week on 24th to 28th October is drawing attention to many of the benefits that people don’t necessarily know about.

“Many people think that the Build to Rent sector is just for young city professionals, but the truth is that there is something for everyone, particularly families with their busy lives,” adds Anne-Marie Brown. “One of the biggest draws for families renting within the Build to Rent sector is the high quality of customer service and the professional management. Residents can benefit from 24/7 management teams, handling any maintenance issues quickly and efficiently. This removes a large part of the stress that comes from living in a house where things can go wrong.”

Having a family and putting down roots may also mean that it is time to get a furry friend. Pet friendly renting is a common feature of today’s Build to Rent developments, giving tenants the same opportunities as homeowners. What’s more, Build to Rent has been created with community at the forefront of all it does. There is a strong focus on connecting residents through social events and shared spaces such as playgrounds, exercise areas and home working facilities, ideal for new families looking to make friends with others in a similar situation.


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