How to choose your Build to Rent new home

  • 12th May 22
How to choose your Build to Rent new home

Looking for a new rental? There are several qualities that make for the perfect Build to Rent. We look at some of the key features to help you choose your new rental home.

Who lives in Build to Rent?

The Build to Rent sector is a hot topic in real estate circles with more new developments coming to the market on a regular basis. The scale of property on offer means that there is no one size fits all approach. Historically, it was young professionals who were primarily attracted to the market. However, today you will find many families and older renters attracted by the flexibility and lifestyle options.  

Location, location, location

We’ve all seen enough property TV shows to know how important location is. Being well located for transport, leisure facilities, schools and shops is something that is number one on most people’s list of priorities. Due to the financial power behind Build to Rent, developers can build on high-value sites in urban areas. Furthermore, public sector bodies, such as Transport for London, will collaborate with Build to Rent developers because they can expect a long-term return from the development, which they wouldn’t if the property was for sale.

Join the ‘co’ revolution

You may not have heard the phrase pre-pandemic, but since lockdown, many more people are familiar with the terms co-working and co-living. Co-working refers to the use of a space for people to work, sharing equipment and community. It was most commonly used by self-employed people but with the pandemic leading to more hybrid working, there are a greater number of people looking to switch up their working environment. Co-living is a modern form of communal living where the emphasis is on sharing ideas and building connections rather than sharing an actual home. This can be in the form of a shared gym and fitness space, shared rooftop terraces and the opportunity to meet friends through community events. Each Build to Rent development will have some sort of ‘co’ existence, with many dedicating a huge resource into this area. 

Can it feel like home

Although some Build to Rent developments have the services and design of a hotel, it should be that you can make your property feel like home. Fixtures and fittings should be of exceptionally high quality to enhance maintenance and durability, but this can go hand in hand with the option to customise, allowing you to stamp your own style onto the property. This can be down to allowing you to fix items to the walls to make the space fit your own design sensibility.  

Easy living

Life can be complicated but your home life admin can be simplified through Build to Rent. Many developments offer a concierge to collect packages, bike storage units and even people to walk your dog to name just a few things on offer. If something were to go wrong, there’s no stress about getting hold of your landlord, the on-site staff and maintenance teams are available 24/7. Some also have the convenience of having just one payment covering both rent and bills, giving you a clearer understanding of your finances.  

Check out the vibe

It is in the interests of Build to Rent developers to create homes that people love and want to stay in. Fostering a sense of community is essential to create higher retention rates; if you love where you live and the people around you, you are more likely to stay. So, Build to Rent tries that bit harder to create communities through shared leisure spaces and events, so residents are encouraged to interact.

Where to start

Not sure where to start your Build to Rent search. Love to Rent is a Digital Marketing Website showcasing available properties across the UK with an easy search navigation tool, check out the property search here . Tenants can search based on several different criteria from number of bedrooms, location and if it is pet friendly.

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