Design matters

  • 05th May 22
Design matters

The impact of good design

The physical environment directly influences how we feel. The longer we are in that space, the greater the impact, which can be either positive or negative. If your home makes you feel good, then you want to stay in it for longer, which as a tenant, gives you stability. When a home is well designed, you feel safe, relaxed, connected, inspired, calm and happy.

Art at home

Within many Build to Rent developments, there are spaces with curated pieces of art to create an atmosphere where people want to hang out. It could be line drawings, ceramics or limited edition prints and special commissions, the spaces are totally unique and inspiring.

How to incorporate plants

There have been numerous studies about the wellbeing benefits of integrating greenery and plants at home. Many developments will have taken the humble pot plant one step further by incorporating living walls made from ferns and other vegetation. There will also be air-purifying, climate-moderating plants and any shared spaces will be carefully designed to make the most of the natural light and access to green space.

Bespoke furniture

Build to Rent prides itself on its attention to detail and quality of finish. This will mean that furniture is often bespoke to fit the space precisely, creating a superior finish. The communal areas are never an after-thought with Build to Rent because these are often the heart and hub of the community. With this is mind, the durability is considered to allow for high traffic levels. The design will appeal to a wide variety of people and ages and the developer will have considered how the space is used to encourage interaction.

Fixtures and fittings

Inside a Build to Rend development, the homes boast the very best in terms of fixtures and fittings. Beds won’t just look good; they will offer a high-quality mattress for a good night’s sleep. Sofas are beautiful and practical and appliances in the kitchen and bathrooms are of great quality for style and durability.

Pet and child-friendly

Build to Rent homes look incredibly stylish but they are also designed for how people live. This means that pets are welcomed, and children are accommodated with furnishings and fixtures that are kid friendly. Stain treated fabrics will ensure longevity and removable and washable covers on upholstery is a must for any pet parent.

Storage options

Build to Rent works because form and function go hand in hand. A beautiful home must also be practical, which is why developers will ensure tenants have good storage options. A cluttered home is not only difficult to live in, but it can also cause poor concentration and feelings of overwhelm. The answer is to provide lots of storage for household items and multifunctional shelving units and retractable desks to accommodate those working from home. Clever storage solutions can also be used to divide rooms, perfect for sharers or those that want to separate the home from work life.


Today’s tenants are also mindful of exactly what is in their homes. Many are conscious of living more sustainable so will be looking at recycled materials and longevity of products. By designing with products that are long-lasting and timeless in design, developers are being more sustainable because things won’t need to be replaced very often.

Versatility of design

The pandemic has forced people to reconsider how they live and work. Hybrid working and community are recent buzz words but are concepts that are at the heart of the Build to Rent communities. The design reflects this with flexible, communal areas that can include co-working spaces to event hosting. Residents’ lounges have a multitude of uses and can respond to what the community is looking for. 




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