Six reasons why Build to Rent might be for you

  • 30th Jun 22
Six reasons why Build to Rent might be for you

Six reasons why Build to Rent might be for you

The Build to Rent market is growing at lightning speed. As more people are learning the benefits of these quality homes, we highlight just some of the reasons why you might want to make your next home a Build to Rent.

Reason 1: the lifestyle facilities

Why just rent a flat when you could rent a flat with a state-of-the-art fitness centre, workspace, games room, library, or roof top terrace? Build to Rent developers create communities. They put as much thought into these dedicated shared spaces as they do the homes they are building. When you rent through Build to Rent, you are accessing a huge range of lifestyle amenities, which transforms the living experience.

Reason 2: excellent customer care

Unlike the private rental market, with Build to Rent, you are dealing with a professional team who operates and maintains the entire development. Expect 24/7 access to repairs and maintenance as well as the reassurance of always knowing that someone will be at the end of the line should you need anything. Many also have the additional services of events teams organising social gatherings and on-site staff or concierges to deal with deliveries.

Reason 3: you can bring your pets

There is a huge lack of private rental properties that allow pets. For years, tenants have been discriminated against if they have a dog or cat, leading to many having to give up their beloved pet. Build to Rent developers understand how important it is for residents to have a pet so are not only welcoming pets with open arms, but many also have social events just for them. From doggy meet ups to treat stations, your pet will love Build to Rent as much as you.

Reason 4: become part of a community

Whether you rent alone, with a friend or partner or in a group, getting to know your neighbours is a game changer in respect to how you will feel towards your living situation. Build to Rent residents experience being part of a community because of all the events that are arranged. Anything from rooftop yoga to summer barbecues or movie nights, there are opportunities for social interactions at many parts of the day thanks to the shared social and workspaces.

Reason 5: you want a gorgeous home

Quality and style as standard is pretty much the mantra of the Build to Rent developer. High quality fixtures and fittings and smart interior design can be found throughout developments. Furniture won’t just look good, it will offer great style, durability, and comfort to ensure longevity too. Your home won’t just look amazing, Build to Rent developers deliver smart homes with technology at the centre of them. From smart fridges to eco-efficient heating and air con, you can guarantee that your home is performing to the highest of standards.

Reason 6: simplify your rental experience

Build to Rent developers want to take the stress and hassle out of moving home. Some have bills and rents in one monthly payment, which allows residents to budget more efficiently. From your initial view to moving into your new home, it can sometimes take less than a week, largely in part because no deposit is required on some homes, and the professional management service will support you through the entire process. You are also in control of how long you want to stay in the property. There is so much flexibility in the Build to Rent sector, allowing residents to stay for a months or years, whatever suits your situation.



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