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  • 07th Jul 22
Trust Love to Rent

Love to Rent: how it is transforming the rental market in the UK

Do you want to know the secret to a happy life as a renter? Build to Rent residents are reported as one of the most contented tenants in the UK but it is a concept that is still shrouded in mystery. Here at Love to Rent, we are committed to lifting the lid on the Build to Rent sector and showing it has possibilities for all.

What is Love to Rent?

Love to Rent is the first and only digital marketing platform exclusively for the Build to Rent sector, developed with customers’ needs at the forefront. It was created from a very true realisation that the traditional property portals didn’t differentiate between Build to Rent homes and the buy to let and other private rented sector homes. It has been created to give customers choice and help them to explore the many unique benefits that Build to Rent homes have to offer. 

How can I trust the landlords?

Love to Rent has been developed to ensure customers have confidence that the site only has reputable, quality landlords offering property. When you come to the Love to Rent website, you can be assured that only quality, professionally managed properties are marketed on the site. Love to Rent has the support of the British Property Federation and the UKAA and many major Build to Rent developers.

What do Build to Rent developers say?

“When Love to Rent began its journey in 2017 to create the first dedicated marketing platform for Build to Rent homes we were delighted to be one of the first to work with them. Their commitment to not just be a digital marketing platform, but also to continually raise awareness about the benefits of Build to Rent and putting customers first, aligns with our ethos and we have a great working relationship with the team,” Get Living.

What’s the difference compared to traditional renting?

Build to Rent has been established in the UK for the last ten years and growing in popularity. However, it is still not particularly well known and there are many misunderstandings about what it is. There are a huge range of benefits including a range of amenities but one of the most important is that you are dealing with a professional landlord, so customer service is at the heart of making the concept successful.

Is it just for young professionals?

One of the many myths surrounding Build to Rent is that it is just for young professionals, which is far from the case. The Love to Rent platform showcases a wide range of property types and case studies of residents from young professionals through to families and those looking to downsize. While the media sometimes just focusses on the glam, hotel-style lifestyle that Build to Rent offers, there is another side that attracts people looking to form lasting community bonds.

Is it just for the super-rich?

On first glance, a Build to Rent development may appear to be more expensive than traditional renting. That is until you take a deep dive into what is included. Love to Rent are committed to educating customers about all the added facilities and amenities that come as standard in many Build to Rent developments. When you account for the cost of a gym, co-working space, WIFI and utility bills and 24 hours security, suddenly the monthly rental charge looks excellent value for money.

Is it just city living?

The simple answer to this is no. At Love to Rent, we have written many blogs and articles explaining how more and more new Build to Rent developments are being built outside of cities. While many people love city living, developers realise that it is not for everyone, and you can search the Love to Rent platform to find a wide choice of locations and budgets to suit everyone’s needs. In fact, you will also find many blogs and articles about the rise of Build to Rent within the suburbs and commuter belt.

What do you offer renters?

Love to Rent champions renters, which is why we are committed to continue to speak out and raise awareness of the benefits and lived experience these quality homes offer. Build to Rent will offer a completely different approach to the customers’ experience and journey and understands that people rent for many different reasons, and all should be acknowledged and respected.

Where can I go to find out more?

Whether you are 100% sold on Build to Rent or just want to find out more about the sector, Love to Rent should be your first port of call. We offer a range of articles informing potential residents about what they can expect as well as a handy search engine letting you apply various filters to find exactly what you are looking for.







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