Hybrid Homes

  • 01st Feb 22
Hybrid Homes

Hybrid homes

The era of hybrid living is here to stay. But what exactly does that mean and why are Build to Rent homes a catalyst for a more connected experience.

A shift in lifestyle

Even before the pandemic, the 9-5 norm was becoming a thing of the past. Technology has created many new jobs and ways of working, shifting the conventional work patterns. With this shift and the repeated lockdowns, people began to view their homes in a very different way.

Trends in home design

People need their homes to work on so many different levels now. The pandemic made people stop and assess what was working and what was not and now they have a much clearer picture of what homes they want. Outside areas, bigger flexible space, more natural light, and superfast broadband for connectivity are now non-negotiables on tenants’ wish lists.

Live, play and work in harmony

Properties need to be spacious enough to allow people to comfortably work from home. But beyond that, many people are also looking at developments that allows them to go from gym to desk to night out with ease. Many Build to Rent developments come with gyms, yoga studios and co-working spaces so people can make the transition from work to play seamlessly.

High tech homes

As we rely more and more on technology to carry out essential tasks, people want a digitally connected property to save them time and effort. Build to Rent developers deliver smart homes with technology at the centre of them. This technology-led mindset is shaping the homes in which people live in. Build to Rent developer Quintain has gone so far as to partner with Samsung at Wembley Park. Properties feature appliances such as smart fridge freezers, ovens, hobs, dishwashers, and washer dryers. Some of the benefits include Family Hub fridges with built-in cameras so residents can see what they have at home from their mobile phones. A connected fridge will also allow you to order groceries from the panel on the door.

Where tenants want to live

Hybrid homes are created by listening to what people want. Build to Rent developers are invested in creating homes specifically for the needs of the rental market so are more able to respond than private landlords. Tenants want a home that comes Instagram style ready combined with comfort and homeliness and excellent functionality. They want to be able to choose from a range of sizes, but all have access to outside space. Within the Build to Rent sector, there will be homes with gardens, balconies, terraces whether you are renting a one-bedroom or five-bedroom property.

A hybrid lifestyle

We no longer compartmentalize our life. Jobs have become more flexible, work can be done from a range of locations and prioritizing physical and mental health is starting to be accepted as the norm. A house or apartment is not just somewhere you sleep at night, it is a place where you can form connections with your neighbours, something that the Build to Rent sector encourages through a range of social interactions and physical events.

What you need for a hybrid lifestyle

  • A job that offers flexibility – some people work best first thing while others prefer to work late in the evening. Both can achieve the same results.
  • Access to excellent tech – when you are reliant on WIFI to complete your job, having sufficient broadband width at home is a must.
  • Community – the flipside to remote working is potentially feeling isolated. Finding a community to bounce ideas off or collaborate is a crucial element of enjoying a hybrid lifestyle.
  • Routine – the idea of working how and when you like sounds great in theory but like anything, you do need to be disciplined. Creating structures and routine will help you set boundaries so it could be to get up and do an early gym session or to ensure laptop is switched off by 6pm to meet friends on the rooftop terrace in your Build to Rent development.





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