Build to Rent gives home hunters a new option

  • 29th Sep 21
Build to Rent gives home hunters a new option

Thousands of home hunters recently descended onto the London Home Show and gathered a huge amount of information to help them with understanding the property market and what options are available to them.

The event is aimed at those who are looking to find a home in London and the surrounding areas and this year, it was very well attended with 3,400 visitors. Attendees were able to speak to expert exhibitors, receive financial and legal advice, attend informative educational sessions and find out more about the range of homes available. For the first time ever, visitors were also able to learn more about Build to Rent, a relatively new concept that is sweeping the UK.

Up until recently, finding Build to Rent developments was not easy. All that changed with the launch of Love to Rent, a dedicated portal for the Build to Rent sector who exhibited at the London Home Show. The private rented sector faces numerous issues, which is why Build to Rent is causing such a stir in the housing market. Plus the fact that it can offer so many advantages for a wide range of tenants, including an aspirational lifestyle.

Love to Rent founder Anne-Marie Brown says: “One of the main reasons for attending the London Home Show was to increase awareness around the Build to Rent market. The show was really well attended and we spoke to so many people to find out what they were looking for and if they would consider a Build to Rent development. Approximately 98% of people we spoke to hadn’t heard about this option but would now consider it.”

Build to Rent are new build developments designed specifically for renting and available to a wide range of budgets. Professionally managed with hotel-style facilities, they come with a range of perks including longer and secure tenancies and many are pet friendly.

“The Build to Rent sector has a very different take on pets and rental life in general,” explains Anne-Marie Brown. “The sector understands that people rent because they want to, not because they have to. This means they provide excellent quality, a wide range of amenities and the opportunity to live with a pet and become part of a community. There is also the security of knowing that you can stay in the property for however long you want to, making it popular with families looking to put down roots.”

During the London Home Show, many visitors were able to speak to the Love to Rent team to find out more about the options that Build to Rent could give them, whether they wanted to rent for the long-term or wanted a stop-gap between being a homeowner. “Everyone we spoke to was genuinely surprised and impressed with the options that Build to Rent offers,” adds Anne-Marie Brown. “Many people were unaware of the security that is offered, making Build to Rent a popular option for a wide range of people, from young professionals through to downsizers. We spoke to people who were living with parents and wanted a space of their own but were not ready to commit to a mortgage and divorcees and people who have separated who wanted to find a home that could offer good security. With many Build to Rent developments offering a concierge service and 24/7 security, this certainly ticks these boxes. The one thing that impressed all was the community aspect of Build to Rent.”

Build to Rent developments acknowledge the importance of integrating into the community with a strong focus on how the development is built to connect each resident. In each development, it is usual to find shared facilities such as co-working spaces and gyms to help residents feel like they are part of the community. It is also not uncommon in the Build to Rent sector to have an events team to organise social activities such as barbecues, screenings of major sports events and Christmas parties, giving residents the chance to mingle and get to know their neighbours.

The Love to Rent portal showcases modern developments and homes across the country for a wide range of tenants. Tenancies are extremely flexible and can be short or long term, with no costly deposits needed to be paid upfront.

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