Build to Rent by the water

  • 15th Sep 21
Build to Rent by the water

If the luxury of Build to Rent developments isn’t quite enough, add another layer of desirability with a waterside location. This fast growing sector has seen new developments popping up all over the UK, with many of the most enviable also boasting a water view. So what are the benefits of waterside living?  

Healthy minds

There are a number of psychological benefits of being close to water. The simple joy of watching the sun set on a river or water from the comfort of your own home is pretty hard to beat. Water has a calming effect, which will help you feel more relaxed by just being close by. After a stressful day, you can help melt away any worries by taking a moment to breathe in and enjoy the sights and sounds of running water. Studies have shown that when we are near water, our minds enter into a mild meditative state. The brain is flooded with feel good hormones and stress levels reduce. 

Healthy bodies

Scientists have discovered that one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system is to take a stroll and be around nature. A lunchtime waterside walk can actually create lower concentration of cortisol, can lower the pulse level and lower blood pressure.  

Improve your fitness

Living close by to the water will encourage you to have a healthier lifestyle. You might be able to partake in water sports or these areas often have specially created routes that are ideal to walk, jog or cycle down. Going for a stroll where you can enjoy gorgeous views is much more appealing than just looking out on to traffic.

Live in the moment

We are all told that we must step back and enjoy living in the moment. This can be much harder than it sounds but something about being by the water helps us to take things at a slower pace. If you want to escape, or at least balance out the pressures of modern life, the slow moving nature of a river is the perfect antidote.

Appreciate history

Many waterside locations not only look very pretty, but they also have important historical connections. Feel the history all around and see the signs of the area’s heritage with cobbled streets to mid-nineteenth century railway arches. In fact, Limehouse in London was believed to be a source of great inspiration to Charles Dickens.

Lifestyle perks

The most vibrant areas of a city can often be found by the docks. There is always something happening and there is often the best restaurants and bars to create a buzzing atmosphere. Often a little trendier than city centres, the docks are where you can find the most stylish boutiques and independent lifestyle stores.

Good transport links

City developers understand that people want to live by water and so much of this area is now serviced by good public transport. Once the dock areas are transformed with new housing and amenities, transport options are also improved. Regeneration in London has been greatly enhanced by the Elizabeth Line (formerly Crossrail), which will drastically reduce travel times around the city.

Morning rituals

Come rain or shine, there is something that draws people to the water. How much better would your morning routine be if each day could start with a cup of coffee on your balcony overlooking the water. Stunning summer views or wrap up in a blanket for dramatic windy vistas, what a perfect way to start the day.  

Where to find waterside homes

The Love to Rent portal is the first stop in your search for a waterside home. As well as location, you can refine your search for any of your requirements. These can include: pet friendly, onsite gyms, roof terrace, social events and cinema room as well as many other key features.

Find your waterside home here:

Pomona Wharf

Upper Riverside

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