How to make the most of your freedom years

  • 31st Oct 21
How to make the most of your freedom years

Kids settling into university and you suddenly find that you have time to consider your future? If you want to make the most of your freedom years with travel and new adventures, it might be time to consider shaking up your living arrangements with Build to Rent.  

How to adjust to life when children leave

The reality is that people cope in their own ways. On dropping off the kids at university, some parents will be weeping and quite inconsolable while others will be celebrating the fact that their kids have reached this significant milestone and they finally get some more time for themselves. Many parents fear that they will suffer from empty-nest syndrome but research reveals that this is far from the case.

A new lease of life

Research indicates that parents whose children have recently gone to university found that most felt fitter and richer, with better social lives and improved relationships. Many had taken up new hobbies such as extreme sports including snowboarding or white water rafting and many said they were looking forward to enjoying more foreign travel.

New living experiences

After your children pack up for university, the family home may feel a little too large and a bit of a hassle. You may not be ready to sell up, the children are very likely to return home after they graduate, but there is another option. Renting the family home for a short amount of time can give you the financial freedom to explore living in different parts of the country.

Renting without hassle

If you have bad memories of renting in the past, there’s a new wave of rentals sweeping the UK that will provide you with a completely different experience. Build to Rent is causing such a stir in the housing market because of the many advantages it offers, including an aspirational lifestyle, flexible tenancies and hotel-style facilities. Build to Rent are new build developments designed specifically for renting. Professionally managed, they come with a range of perks and many are pet friendly.

City centre living

If you’ve lived in the suburbs to take advantage of good local schools and amenities for the kids, it might be time to experience the joys of city centre living. If you want to be in the heart of the action to enjoy great restaurants, the best theatres, museums, galleries and shopping, then there are so many high quality Build to Rent developments to choose from in different cities around the UK. In fact, with flexible leases, no hefty deposits and professional managers to assist each move, the temptation to move around and experience different living environments is huge.

Make new friends

Making new friends later on in life is a real joy and privilege. Meeting new people doesn’t need to stop as you get older, but it certainly is true that it does get harder. The Build to Rent sector is based around creating communities. The developments are built with plenty of opportunities to meet new people and integrate with other residents. Many developments also have an events team to organise social activities such as Christmas parties, sporting events, wine tasting and barbecues. A common misconception is that renting is just for young people but within the Build to Rent sector, there are a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Get fitter

Need some inspiration to get fitter. As you get older, it is even more important to exercise and stay healthy. Many Build to Rent developments boast their own gyms, swimming pools and health centres. To encourage residents to step up their fitness game, many developments offer specific wellness and fitness programmes for residents with anything from outdoor yoga or rooftop team sports. If you’ve never had the time for sports before, this is a great opportunity to try something different, improve your fitness and make new friends.

Increased security

If you are planning to travel more, live alone or are just generally more apprehensive about security at home, Build to Rent answers many of these concerns. With many Build to Rent developments offering a concierge service and 24/7 security, you have the freedom to travel, visit friends and just live your life the way you want to safe in the knowledge that your possessions are well protected.

And when the kids come back

Top tips to readjust to family living

  • Check out any seasonal jobs locally before the kids return so they can send in their CV in good time.
  • Include them in meal time discussions. Let them know what you are planning on making and when and ask them to let you know if they would like to join you.
  • Plan a couple of lovely family days. They may spend most of their time with friends but it’s still good to make some memories and they will appreciate them when they go back to university.
  • Give them space. You may be desperate to try and discuss career options or their grades but they probably want to just chill out. Let them know that you are available to chat when they are ready but don’t force it.




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