How to create perfect children’s bedrooms in your rental home

  • 07th Oct 21
How to create perfect children’s bedrooms in your rental home

Whether you are planning a short or long-term stay, designing a special bedroom for your child is the key to a happy home.

Build to Rent family homes

With news of a new £20 million scheme of Build to Rent family homes in Leicester, this emerging sector is responding to soaring demand for quality rental housing. Already a popular concept in large parts of Europe and North America, the UK is quickly catching up. The family rental market is growing at a staggering pace, with customers demanding high quality accommodation, which is the hallmark of the Build to Rent sector. The concept in a nutshell is the focus on service, on-site management, high quality property and long-term stability, which is dealt with professionally by a management company.

How to design a nursery

Creating your baby’s first room is a fun and rewarding project. But it can feel a little overwhelming, especially if it is your first baby and you don’t really know what you need. Although you don’t have to follow any rules as such, you may want to keep to a few guidelines to help you on the right track.

  • Look up – babies spend a lot of time on their backs and as they begin to focus, why not give them something to spark their interest. There are lots of mobiles or murals that you can find with colours to get them interested.
  • Create a nursing station – babies spend a long time feeding, whether it is breast or bottle. Make it comfortable for you both with a supportive chair, sanitation products close by, dirty nappy bin and a small table to place a glass of water or anything that you might need close to hand.
  • Get a system – babies need a lot of stuff and create a lot of mess. Create a system where you can grab nappies, wipes, baby grows and vests easily. You will thank yourself for being organised during the night feeds.
  • Blackout blinds – these are crucial in helping baby get a good sleep. It will keep the room dark and prevent it getting too hot in the day.
  • Nightlights – these not only look super cute but are also crucial for safety during the night to prevent tripping over any random objects.
  • Safety first – take care to cover electrical outlets and tuck away cords for when baby is on the move.
  • Stock up – you will be amazed how many nappies you will go through so make sure you stock up. Get plenty of wipes or lotions and extra vests and always position them within easy reach of the baby changing table so you don’t have to take your hand away from baby mid-change.

Top tips for a toddler room

Once your baby discovers that they can move, you need to look at their space with fresh eyes. Your little one is no longer a babe in arms but not quite a big kid yet. When designing a room for a toddler, safety, functionality, inspiration and creativity need to sit side by side.

  • Have a fun theme – from the jungle to space, this is the perfect opportunity to go wild with your imagination.
  • Toddler bed – they may not yet be quite ready for a big bed, but there are lots of options to transfer from cot to bed with just one piece of furniture.
  • Toy storage – as your baby grows, so does their toy collection. Keep special ones on display and use personalised drawstring bags for the bulkier items.
  • Keep it cosy – toddlers like to spend lots of time on the floor so have cosy rugs, throws and cushions scattered around.
  • Encourage reading – there are lots of alphabet accessories that look super cute and will spark an interest in words.
  • Keep it personal – personalised pillows, bags, photo frames or books will make their rooms truly unique.
  • Canvas prints – colourful canvas prints can easily transform a room without making any major changes.

Designing children’s bedrooms

Your child’s room is a playroom, study and place to relax. It’s an opportunity for them to express their personality and have fun. But just a word  of warning. Children are quite fickle so if they beg for a Minion’s inspired yellow room, be mindful that this might change in a month or so. Therefore, keep the theme to inexpensive accessories that can easily be donated to charity.

  • Keep it simple – children tend to collect lots of different things so their rooms can quite quickly become cluttered. Keep the décor and furnishings to a minimum to offset this and also give them space to play.
  • Work to their height – encourage independence by ensuring everything is to their height. Low storage, open shelving and easy-to-access hooks means they can reach what they need.
  • Focus on play – a child’s priority is to play so give them a room that encourages this. A ball pit, indoor swing or soft play space will keep them entertained for hours.
  • Inspire imagination – make the magic happen with inexpensive fairy lights or glow in the dark stars. This will transform their rooms into a fairy palace or a space galaxy.
  • Creative corner – a little area with a small table and chair can be used as a creativity corner. Little hands kept busy will help with mental development and encourage their inner artist.
  • Reading nook – make a cosy area with cushions and throws and access to their favourite book. Encouraging reading early has so many educational benefits as well as giving your child the gift of discovering thousands of stories.


How to transform teenage rooms

Anyone with teenagers will know that they spend a lot of time in their bedroom. The space should reflect their own personal style as well as being an area where they can hang out with friends as well as study.

  • Create zones – a teenager’s room needs to be multi-functional so think how best to zone it.
  • Appropriate storage – the toys might have gone but now they need space for clothes, books, tech and school stuff. Make sure the storage is bespoke to their individual needs.
  • Get organised – whether it is systems for make-up and accessories or ways in which to get stuff sorted for school or college. Help them design their rooms so they can be organised every morning.
  • Make study inviting – study is a big part of every teenager’s life. To make the battle ground less hostile, work with them to create a study area that they really love.
  • Make a statement – now they are older, consider investing in a statement piece of furniture such as an armoires or dresser.
  • Change the bedding – for a simple update, go for a bold bedding design.






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