Can you afford to rent a glamourous home?

  • 22nd Oct 21
Can you afford to rent a glamourous home?

Build to Rent is synonymous with hotel-style facilities and quality interiors. But before you think that it is out of your price range, take a look at the savings that can be made when you opt for Build to Rent.   

Be a smart tenant

With so many people opting to rent, you don’t have to look far for a horror story about a rogue landlord. When you rent through Build to Rent, you are dealing with a professional organisation so you won’t be ripped off in terms of what you are being promised, you won’t be told to leave with little notice and your rents and outgoings will be explained at the outset. In the long term, these are issues that can end up costing you a significant amount of money if things go wrong with a private landlord.  

Limited rental choice

In the UK, the last estimate by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated in 2017 nearly 4.5 million households were in the private rented sector, an increase of 1.7 million households from 2007. This growth looks sets to continue with some experts predicting that tenants in the private rented sector could make up to 50.7% of the housing market by 2039. Meanwhile, the traditional supply of rented accommodation provided by private landlords is shrinking as tax and regulatory changes result in smaller profits. 

How to find the best rental home

Although the private rental sector may be declining, the Build to Rent industry is flourishing. According to the British Property Federation, there are almost 120,000 Build to Rent homes in the pipeline. So when considering budgets, because there are plenty more options with Build to Rent, it is more likely you will get exactly what you want, in the area that you want. You may find this saves you money by nailing your needs at the outset.

Interior style

How many private rental flats or houses have you walked into to be horrified by the interior design. In the Build to Rent sector, you will be presented with high quality styles and fixtures and fittings, often with a choice of interior design and furnishing packages. Forget moving into a poorly furnished place and spending your weekend making it look and feel more like a home, save your time and money with something that already looks amazing.

All you need under one roof

When you are budgeting for a move, don’t just take into account the rental price. Consider all the monthly extras that you pay and then compare to the Build to Rent sector which has many amenities included in the price. This can be anything from a gym, roof top gardens for yoga or co-working space.

Let them entertain you

How much do you spend on your social life every month? After lockdown, we all know that it is important to stay in touch with friends but nights out certainly have an impact on the wallet. At many Build to Rent developments, there is such a huge emphasis on community that there are apps to organise all the social events. Expect everything from on-site games nights, Doga on the rooftop, a yoga practice in which you and your dog perform traditional Hatha yoga postures and cinema nights.

 Stuff that money can’t buy

Properties in the Build to Rent sector are managed by a professional company, which means you don’t have to deal with a difficult landlord, or one that doesn’t always respond on time. If anything needs to be repaired, a friendly team will be there immediately. There will usually be a concierge to deal with any packages and for security, many tenants will feel a lot safer knowing there is CCTV and someone signing in guests. There is also a real sense of community in the sector, which has been specifically built for renters’ needs. As a tenant, you will have complete control over how long you want to stay in your property for, providing a sense of stability and calm.



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