Best rental homes for tenants

  • 29th Nov 21
Best rental homes for tenants

The pandemic is the ultimate disrupter and has changed everything. It is pretty much accepted that its impact will revolutionise everything from how we work to how we live. Seizing the day has never felt so important and settling for second best is no longer an option. We take a look at how this will affect the rental market and why Build to Rent developments will come out on top

The fourth utility

Pre-pandemic, weak WIFI connection was a bit of a pain. Today, it can stop you from carrying out essential tasks in your day to day life, including working or studying. If you’ve experienced freezing over on Zoom, you will know how frustrating it can be. With more people in the home now relying on it, poor internet connection will lead to a serious lack of productivity.

“Technology is constantly evolving and the impact it has on our homes could be life-changing. However, if properties can’t support the basics with excellent WIFI connection, then tenants will feel like they are being left behind. The Build to Rent sector offers fully managed broadband services with super-fast internet connectivity,”  Love to Rent founder Anne-Marie Brown.

Animal attraction

As the conversation around mental and physical health continues, it is widely acknowledged that there are so many benefits to owning a pet. Currently, just 7% of private landlords advertise pet friendly properties, despite substantial demand. The Build to Rent sector has a very different take on pets and rental life in general. The sector understands that people rent because they want to, not because they have to. This means they provide excellent quality, a wide range of amenities and the opportunity to live with a pet.

“Why should tenants have to miss out on the many joys of pet ownership. Tenants are just as responsible as home owners, which is why many Build to Rent developments welcome pets and even offer pet socials where tenants and their pets can meet up,” Love to Rent founder Anne-Marie Brown.

Outside space

Tenants don’t necessarily want the upkeep of a garden but after lockdown, they definitely want outside space. Build to Rent developments boast an array of outside areas with a choice including landscaped private gardens, balconies, terraces and roof gardens.

“Our appreciation for outside space rocketed after the first lockdown. Having areas where you can socialise with friends outside, host barbecues or just a place to get some air while working from home, is now top on the list for many tenants,” Love to Rent founder Anne-Marie Brown.

Everything on your doorstep

Many of us feel that we have a lot of time to make up for in terms of lost socialising. Meeting friends for dinner, grabbing a coffee and chat with the school mums and dads or just going to the cinema are small pleasures that we no longer take for granted. Priorities have changed and people want to be able to make the most of their free time by having lots of great facilities on their doorstep. Many Build to Rent developments provide not only great living accommodation, but also easy access to everything you want including gyms, co-working spaces, coffee shops and even cinemas. 

“Build to Rent developments offer the perfect live work balance with tenants able to access a range of great facilities on their doorstep. The emphasis is on the lifestyle to enable tenants to fully enjoy their surroundings,” Love to Rent founder Anne-Marie Brown.

Community focus

Tenants are entitled to feel the same sense of community as home owners. One of the criticisms of the rental market is that it is very transient and can feel isolating for renters. The Build to Rent sector acknowledges the importance of integrating into the community with a strong focus on how the development is built to connect each resident.  As well as social events, there are plenty of opportunities to connect every day  through the shared facilities.

“If the pandemic taught us anything, it is the importance of having a community around you. The professionally managed Build to Rent sector makes it so much easier to integrate, which is really important if you are a tenant relocating alone from overseas or if you are moving to a new area to start a job,” Love to Rent founder Anne-Marie Brown.

Safe and sound

Security is now high on the checklist for tenants, especially in busy cities. Many developments within the Build to Rent sector offer 24/7 CCTV and a concierge service, making them a popular option for single women, young and older tenants.

“The safety aspect is incredibly attractive with CCTV everywhere and onsite staff to help with any problems. Plus, it is always useful to have someone there to accept any online orders,” Love to Rent founder Anne-Marie Brown.



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