How to get the most out of your apartment space

  • 02nd Mar 21
How to get the most out of your apartment space

Home is where we are all at so make sure it's working for you at every level. Clever furniture design, save spacing hacks and multi-functional living ideas can transform the way you live.

What is multi-functional living

Compact spaces shouldn’t mean compromising on style, luxury and essentials. Multi-functional living is easy to include in your home and can be adapted to any style and for any age. Understanding how to combine multiple rooms into one and get the most out of that space is something that designers and architects have been working hard to fulfil.

Multi-functional furniture

For the last year, most of us have been trying to work, cook, exercise and relax in one space. Therefore, it is no wonder that our homes are feeling the strain. Big news for furniture design is that hybrid and convertible furniture is playing a part in transforming the way we live. With many bedrooms and guest rooms doubling up as makeshift offices, one of the biggest trends to come out of lockdown are desk beds. A bed that can turn into a desk is one of the most searched items of furniture. Look for ones that will not disturb anything on your desk while you convert it into a bed. Some are wall beds that convert into desks, others include a shelving system and storage modules. Locker style cabinets are very on trend right now, probably because they can be used in so many different rooms. Before buying furniture, think about if it will work in more than one space.

How to create a dining room

If your home doesn’t allow for a separate dining space, you can still entertain at home in style. Living rooms can be transformed with folding tables and chairs or drop-leaf and extending tables when you need that extra space. Creating a harmonious space is all about balance and weighing up what is important to you. If you’ve opted to go for a dining table, then double up on space and storage with ottomans, pouffes and footstools that provide storage inside for bits and bobs. 

Dividing the room

One room can be used in multiple ways with simple room dividers. With lots of different styles and colourways to choose from, screens are both stylish and practical. Partitions can also be made by combining large curtains with plants and rugs to create a quiet snug. An open backed bookcase or cube unit will also combine storage with a dividing function, giving you flexibility to change the shape up when you feel like it. 

Use vertical space

However large your space, there’s always a need for additional storage. Think up rather than out. Fit small shelves at the top of wardrobes that could hold swimsuits or other seasonal clothes. Wall hooks inside cupboards could fix a broom or hang a dust pan and brush. Or tall storage cupboards in a hallway to store shoes.

The benefits of multi-function living

No matter what size of home you have, there are many benefits to embracing the multi-functional lifestyle.

  • A calm flow to the home – multi-function furniture saves space and removes the need for cramming the home full. Furniture is often designed with excellent storage options, giving additional benefits.
  • Saves money – multi-functional furniture gives you that two in one use so will ultimately save you money. Most favour contemporary design concepts and will be minimal, practical and budget-friendly.
  • Low maintenance – modern design will often mean easy to clean, durable and simple instructions if assembling yourself.
  • Living simply – streamlining the products in your home to ones that have a very clear function, will help you live a minimal lifestyle. 

Multi-function style tips

Interior design works best when you consider the form and function. Multi-function living embraces practicality with style tricks to make the most out of each area.

  • Combine rooms that naturally work together.
  • Consider how you use the space before thinking about using if for more than one purpose.
  • Keep to a colour palette for the combined rooms.
  • Storage is key and look to hide away pieces when not in use.
  • Choose slimline furniture that can be easily transported.
  • Consider a light colour scheme for big furniture to stop it dominating the room.
  • Mirrors can add a sense of space to any room.
  • Task lighting will add extra illumination where you need it and it will help break up an open space.


The future of flexible living

The pandemic has created a new way of living and working. More of us need home working, exercise and chill out areas in our homes that are also highly energy-efficient. Architects and designers creating new apartments have taken note and are building for today and the future. According to the Office for National Statistics, before lockdown, 70% of British people had never worked from home. Approximately 20million people are now working from home with many large companies looking to allow employees to continue even after all restrictions have been lifted. Future homes will be designed with multiple uses in mind. Already, many of the apartments on the Love to Rent portal fit this brief with dedicated workspaces, gyms, small communal areas and flexible spaces have a look at the great choices available here

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