How to find your perfect new home

  • 13th Jul 21
How to find your perfect new home

One fifth of new homes in London are now Build to Rent (BTR). So, what’s the appeal of this sector that is making waves in the property market across the whole of the UK? To put it simply, Build to Rent is providing people with a lifestyle that they never thought they could have.

A growing market

This housing model hails from the United States and creates homes specifically for private renters rather than buyers. Developers have closely considered renters’ lifestyle requirements, which means developments boast many additional lifestyle features. Nearly 83,000 homes are in the Capital’s BTR pipeline, according to the British Property Federation. But it is not just in cities where the market is growing, there are plenty of family homes to be found across the UK’s suburbs.

Improved standards

One of the biggest draws to the sector is that developers often promise a ‘new standard’ for renters. They offer a whole host of benefits including no deposits, long-term tenancies, professional management and a whole host of lifestyle features.

Hotel-style living

This is a phrase that is often used to describe new developments that have smart, luxe features. But let’s face it, being in a hotel is more than just being in a contemporary development. BTR truly captures what it is like to have a five-star hotel experience. Renters are drawn to the communal spaces including multiple lounges, roof terraces, gyms, yoga classes, co-working spaces and cinemas. For many, after spending several months of 2020 lockdowns living alone, this has been truly transformative.

Travel more, worry less

Although we haven’t been given the complete green light to travel, we can see it tantalizingly close. After so long of having our freedom restricted, many people are reassessing what they want from life and are getting ready to take advantage of spreading their wings. In the traditional rental sector, you often have to sign long leases and put down a large deposit. With BTR, you have so much more flexibility and some have rent and bills all included as one payment so you can closely monitor your savings and expenses.

Hybrid working

Most experts seem to agree that in the future, work life will consist of a mixture of home working and office visits. For many, working from home has lost its shine. People need connectivity and a break from the same four walls to spark creativity. At many BTR developments, co-working spaces are not just functional, but also highly aspirational. And when you need a break, you can take your lunch on the rooftop with designer furniture, better than gardens in most luxury houses. 

Fun family time

While the adults are kept entertained with yoga classes and cocktail parties on the rooftop terraces, BTR is also firmly for families with young children. There are many developments that boast children’s areas including play houses, pirate ships and paddling pools. The safety aspect is also incredibly attractive with CCTV everywhere and onsite staff to help with any problems. Plus, we know that family comes in all shapes and sizes and for dog or cat mums and dads, BTR has you covered with many being pet-friendly. On top of all this, if you have any issues in the home, the maintenance staff will quickly sort it out, leaving you quality time to spend together.


If you are planning on relocating from overseas to the UK or even just one part of the UK to another, a lot of the stress involved is from trying to find the right community to settle in to. BTR developments understand this particular need from renters and offer virtual tours and also the staff will take the time to offer advice and tips for settling into life. This can be anything from where to get the best cup of coffee through to organising social events within the building to help people feel more connected.

How to find the best rental home

  • Give yourself time so you are not forced to make poor decisions.
  • Start your search online to get an idea of prices and amenities.
  • Property portal Love to Rent will enable you to search by location, bedrooms and refined searches - click here to take a look 
  • Use social media to find recommendations.
  • Go for a walk in areas that you think you might like to live to get a real feel for the place.
  • Before embarking on your search, think about your budget, location and size of property.
  • Decide if you want furnished or unfurnished.

Top tip from Love to Rent founder Anne-Marie Brown: “Many people don’t realise that Build to Rent developments can be found throughout the UK, not just in cities. There are family homes in the suburbs near excellent schools and amenities and as the customer you will have control over the length of tenancy, providing stability for many people. High-spec interiors and accommodation comes as standard and with the added community and lifestyle features, Build to Rent offers an exception living experience. 


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