How to style your rental home

  • 09th Feb 21
How to style your rental home

If you are tired of looking at the same four walls, you are not alone. Staying at home can make life feel monotonous so it is important to do what you can to inject a little energy into your space. If you want to freshen up your home, there are plenty of top tips to give your home a new look without making big changes or costing a fortune.

Freshen up for free

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a penny to create a new look at home. Rearrange the furniture or even try moving pieces into different rooms to rethink your space imaginatively. The TV is often the focal point of a living room so by moving this, you can completely change the dominant aspect of the room. Take a look round with critical eyes. Are you making the most of all the space available, are there any ‘dead’ areas that you could utilise? For example, awkward nooks and crannies can become reading areas, workspaces or additional storage.

Get a shelfie

Clear the shelves, give everything a good dust and restyle how things are displayed in a more curated and aesthetically pleasing way.

  • Organise – place objects into small like for like groups to start the process.
  • Personalise – it’s not just about books, your shelf display can be a reflection of what you like so could include, shoes, handbags or travel artefacts.
  • Stacking – books can be stacked both horizontally and vertically to create an interesting scene.
  • Height - start with the tallest object first such as a vase to contrast with other pieces. Playing with height and depth adds further interest.
  • Texture – use a variety of textures and tones to add a contrast. For example, a few trailing plants over a stack of books.
  • Odd numbers – place objects together in odd numbers, which is more visually pleasing than even numbers.

Let there be light

The dark winter days can make a home feel gloomy but well placed mirrors will help brighten up a space by reflecting light and making a room feel more open. If you want to add colour and light without making big structural changes, a patterned rug will add drama and interest without causing permanent change. Pictures can also transform a dark space and instead of using nails, command hooks hold up to 225g of weight and come away from the wall without leaving a mark.

Plant positivity

House plants have so many health and well-being benefits and can lift the energy of a room.  Do a recce of the current plants you have to make sure they are still alive and healthy and replace ones that have not survived. The best way to choose a houseplant is to follow a few simple rules:

  • Easy care plants – some plants need constant care while others such as a terrarium creates its own atmosphere and requires little care.
  • Consider the environment – some plants such as Pothos love shade and low light and would be happy in a library type environment while others like Bird’s Nest Ferns need the moist and would thrive in the bathroom.
  • Pick a pot – the wrong size pot can sometimes cause the plant to stop growing and to die. Go for something larger if you are not sure and ensure every pot has drainage holes.
  • Soil mix – a general indoor potting soil mix will be good enough for most plants. But there are special mixes at garden centres, which are recommended for plants such as orchids and cactus. 

Add storage

Over the years you might have started to amass more things than you would have ordinarily. Working from home and general life admin may have led to an accumulation of stuff that has nowhere to currently sit in your home. Storage is necessary to get your home clutter-free and give it a fresh new look. There are so many beautifully designed storage items that actually add to the overall look of your space. Baskets can hold any number of items, add texture and design and can be used pretty much in every room of the house.

Pillow talk

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom so give it the love it deserves. Start with adding layers, especially appreciated through the dark days of winter. A soft throw at the foot of the bed will help to break up its expanse and use pillow shams to add a more decorative façade. To keep the room feeling fresh, use a diffuser and essential oils and change up your bedtime routine with new products placed on a tray on a traditional nightstand or a low console table for a unique look. 

Tips for a quick makeover

  • Create a gallery wall.
  • Command hooks are great for pictures, wall hangings and curtains.
  • Restore your larder with clear plastic containers to hold pasta and cereals.
  • Use every inch of your home and prioritise the space for how you want to live.
  • Clip on lights or clip on bedside tables are ideal for rooms that are short on space.
  • Create additional space in your wardrobe with hooks to hold bags and slimline hangers.



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