Christmas wishes

  • 22nd Dec 21
Christmas wishes

What’s on your wish list for your next rental home? We look at the most searched for requests and see if Build to Rent can provide the answers.

A beautiful entertaining space

Never feel embarrassed about having friends or family over to your place ever again. Build to Rent developments are aspirational with gorgeous interiors that look like they could grace the covers of a glossy lifestyle magazine. They are not just for the super-rich though. These homes have been specifically built to rent and to last so the quality is excellent for every budget.

Safe and secure

Safety and peace of mind is at the top of the wish list for many renters. Many Build to Rent developments have a concierge to greet residents and their guests as well as having 24/7 surveillance. There’s always someone to take in deliveries and there’s no concerns if leaving the home for holidays or any length of time.

Outdoor space

Since the introduction of the first lockdown, having access to outside space has shot up on renters’ non-negotiable must-haves. Regardless of the weather, being able to sit outside for a morning coffee or relax in the evening taking in the sunset, are joys that everyone wants to enjoy. The Build to Rent sector create communities where people truly enjoy living, which is why there’s plenty of access to outside space, in the form of gardens, balconies or roof terraces.


A puppy is not just for Christmas, any pet is a huge commitment but one that brings an enormous amount of pleasure. The private rental sector has not kept up with tenants’ pleas for pet-friendly properties, which is why so many of them have turned to Build to Rent. Being pet-friendly is one of the key facilities offered by many Build to Rent developments. In fact, many go out of their way to pamper your pooch with pet grooming stations, on-call dog walkers and even a complimentary annual spring clean to help find those pesky dog and cat hairs.

To feel part of a community

Renting can feel like a transient lifestyle and one where you can never make connections. Regardless of how long you intend to stay in your home, the Build to Rent sector acknowledges that everyone should have a right to feel like part of the community. A big part of the experience is creating social spaces to stop people from feeling lonely and giving them the lifestyle that they aspire to. Build to Rent developments offer residents’ lounges, cinema rooms, libraries and even dining spaces, all to curate a sense of community.

Space to work from home

As we look back on that first work from home announcement, the idea of working in your pyjamas from bed seemed pretty fantastic. Fast forward almost two years and the allure has definitely fizzled out. The isolation caused from working from home has been well documented, which is why co-working spaces in the Build to Rent sector are on the rise. For people living alone, young professionals and those with families, having a space that can be used for some of the working week will combat many of these issues. Having a buzz around you, sharing ideas, and just generally chatting to other people give residents a sense of wellbeing and connection, leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

To be close to a gym

Lack of time is the single most given reason for people not exercising. If you choose to live in a Build to Rent development, you may have to come up with a different reason because many boast their own fitness suite within the building. If gyms are not your thing, there’s often yoga studios, online fitness classes, outside exercise equipment and even dance studios so there’s no excuse not to keep moving.

Stability and affordability

Asides from all the luxuries, many tenants just want the right to live in a place they can make a home. Build to Rent offers longer-term affordable lease options in places that many people could not afford to buy in.  Renting should allow you to put down roots and establish yourself in the community. One of the biggest advantages of Build to Rent is giving tenants the option to set the time that they want to stay, with sometimes, no costly deposits needed to be paid upfront. If you love where you are renting, you have the security of knowing that you can choose how long you stay for.

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