Reasons why it is good to be a renter

  • 27th Aug 21
Reasons why it is good to be a renter

Forget what you think you know about renting, especially when you consider homes within the Build to Rent sector. Here are some very good reasons why you can look forward to being a tenant.

You can live anywhere

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now about when and if people will return to the office. People that have been tied to the city may want to try a short lease in a more suburban area or actually move back to be more central now that life has returned to relatively normal. Don’t stress about where you need to be a year from now. If you rent within the Build to Rent market, you get complete flexibility and can move very easily without paying hefty deposits or signing long leases.

You won’t get lonely

Whether you have left university, separated from a partner or just moved into a new area with your family, loneliness is something that can affect us all. The Build to Rent sector has long recognised this and the developments are based around communities. The developments are built with plenty of opportunities to meet new people. You may use the co-working office space, enjoy some of the roof top terrace events or socialise in the on-site restaurants. The developers in this sector were ahead of the curve in terms of understanding social isolation and finding solutions to the problems.

You can keep track of your finances

Buying a house is not a one-stop financial transaction. As well as any possible repairs, you may be shocked at the cost of all of the monthly bills such as gas, electricity, water, council tax and internet connection. With the Build to Rent sector (development dependent) all of your rent and bills are covered in one payment, so there are no nasty surprises waiting for you at the end of the month. This gives you the opportunity to plan your finances, whether you are saving for a deposit on a house or dreaming of a big holiday.

You can test out your partnership

Moving in together is a big step. A bigger step is getting married or taking out a mortgage. Spending the odd night together is very different from sharing the household chores, managing the finances and learning to live with each other’s annoying habits. Renting through Build to Rent means that there are quite a few less worries for you both, saving unnecessary rows such as who is going to deal with getting the leaky shower fixed. You don’t need to sign a long lease so if it doesn’t work out, you can both walk away without losing out financially.

You can scope out a new area

No matter how many blogs, articles or reviews that you read, nothing can really prepare you for what an area is actually like to live in until you move in. Renting gives you the perfect opportunity to try different areas. Whatever your priorities are, renting allows you the chance to fully explore. An area can also look and feel very different depending on the time of day. Maybe the roads are jam packed during the school run or maybe the cute local pub gets a bit rowdy after 10pm. Don’t take anyone else’s word for it and make a very expensive mistake.

You can keep having adventures

The UK is a big place and you may want to explore many different parts of it. Build to Rent is a rapidly growing sector and there are more developments springing up all of the time. Whether you fancy living in the heart of a city to experience different cultures and nightlife or want to enjoy the serenity of waterside living, you can have as many different adventures as you like with minimal disruptions.

You don’t have to worry about DIY or repairs

Ask anyone who owns a property and one of the biggest annoyances is how much time needs to be spent on its upkeep. You can guarantee that the boiler will pack up just in time for the cold snap and it’s impossible to find a plumber. The Build to Rent sector is professionally managed and maintained so any issues or general niggles will be immediately sorted out by the maintenance team.

You can enjoy the added extras

Being a Build to Rent tenant comes with so many lifestyle benefits. Each development will have its own particular added extras but expect anything from gyms, cinemas, gorgeous work spaces, swimming pools or restaurants. There’s also the convenience of having a concierge service and the comfort of having 24/7 security.

You can downsize in style

If you have a large family home and the kids have all moved out, why not consider renting out that property and moving into a highly contemporary apartment. Many people describe Build to Rent developments as ‘hotel-style living’ with their concierge services, gyms, cinemas, work spaces and luxurious roof terraces. Furthermore, each apartment will be kitted out with the highest specification with all the mod cons that you can need to turn your life into one long holiday.



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