Ready for wellness

  • 04th Nov 20
Ready for wellness

The world of wellness is evolving and growing and let’s face it, we could all do with a pick-me-up after the last few months. National Spa Week runs from November 4 to November 10 and might be the perfect excuse to try a new treatment at home to help get through Lockdown 2.0.

The spa industry is constantly re-inventing itself and today has re-emerged with a new focus to reflect the world’s interest in immune-boosting therapies. Previous trends have included goat yoga and CBD treatments but now it all about what we can do to make us feel better for the body and soul.

Focus on your needs
Spa treatments don’t just deal with the outside, you can choose treatments to specifically deal with ailments or certain stages in life. From pregnancy through to menopause, there will be something that can help you get your glow back. General wellbeing and specifically gut health takes centre stage this year. There are more retreats promising to reset your gut bacteria including strict detox programmes with the goal of regenerating the gut, weight loss and improved overall health. There are also a number of shorter cleanses that you can do from home featuring fresh juices, kefirs, immunity-boosting shots and probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods. There’s lots of the market so check customer feedback and personal recommendations. 

Hair care
It’s not just skin that reacts to the colder weather. Hair requires different products in the sun, humidity, dampness and cold. You don’t need to spend a fortune, just open your kitchen door for inspiration. Massage olive oil into your scalp and gently work it down to your hair. Steam your hair and then wash with a mild sulfate-free shampoo. Avocado is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids, making it great to rejuvenate hair. Mash it up until it is completely lump free and apply all over and then after thirty minutes, wash off with lukewarm water. There’s plenty of hair masks on the market, which need to be applied from root to tip and then comb through your hair with your fingers. To optimise the mask's effects, cover your head with a hot towel or plastic shower cap.

Spa trends
It’s not just about facials and massages nowadays, there’s a whole host of experiences to choose from. When spas are allowed to re-open, you may want to check out some of these treatments.

Water Sound Healing: water floatation sessions in an indoor heated pool, where you will be immersed in different frequencies, noises and vibrations using singing bowls and other devices as you float, helping to guide you into a deep, meditative state. 

Chronotherapy: the pandemic is to blame for a lot of sleep problems, which is why Chronotherapy is making a comeback with more spas offering sleep retreats and programmes. Medical Chronotherapy analysis focuses on the sleep wake rhythm. The treatment includes light therapy and blue-light filter glasses for guests at night; high-tech FreshBeds and smart sleepwear that optimises body temperature and a kill-switch in rooms that shuts off all Wi-Fi, light and electro smog.

Eco-friendly: more zero-emission spas are popping up for people wanting to cut their carbon footprint. Expect saltwater pools, living walls and seawater aquariums. Many will also teach you more about natural treatments and even what herbs can offer healing properties.

Family bonding: the Evian Resort on the edge of Lake Geneva is running a teens’ digital detox aimed at reconnecting families. School and social media stress will be banished by leaving phones and screens at check-in. Instead, families will reconnect with nature with forest hikes, wildlife spotting, white water rafting and mountain biking. There are many similar spas across the world aimed at the teenage market and to treat problem skin or diet concerns.

Spas for the mind: there’s a more holistic approach to wellness and some spas are going one step further and looking at makeovers for the mind. Some of the treatments include: Japanese healing, hypnotherapy and at Four Seasons Resort, Vietnam, guests can expect Sixth Sense Readings with Marco Della Valle, an internationally renowned psychic medium. 

How to create an at-home spa

Although we can’t currently get away, you can still turn rooms in your home into a makeshift spa. Armed with the right tool kit, you can indulge in facials, skin-softening treatments and a blissful night’s sleep.

  • Set the scent – either a scented candle or spritzing a room with spray. Choose one with aromatherapy oils with properties such as lavender to aid sleep or cedarwood to help restore balance.
  • Choose the audio – Spotify or YouTube have the perfect spa playlist to help you relax or you could try a meditation app such as Headspace.
  • Keep hydrated – have a chilled water bottle with you or if you are feeling chilly, a cup of herbal tea.
  • Soak away those aches – upgrade your bath with Epsom-based salts, rich in magnesium to soothe tired muscles. Give winter skin a boost by including luxurious bath oil and use a body scrub on rough patches such as heels and elbows.
  • Shower saviours – a few drops of essential oil into the base of your shower cubicle will create an aromatic atmosphere and by applying nourishing shower oils before you step in, you will create soft and supple skin.
  • Facials – take some time to pamper your face with a balm cleaner to melt away oil and grime and a gentle exfoliator to ensure your skin is squeaky-clean. There are plenty of face masks to choose from depending on your skin type. A creamy one rich in hydrating extracts such as classic shea butter, natural plant oils or hyaluronic acid is good for dry skin. If you are lacking fresh air, your skin may feel dull so go for an exfoliating mask but if you want something salon-standard, go for an oxygenating face mask inspired by professional treatments.


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