Wow!! Has it really been three years ?

  • 20th Jul 20
Wow!! Has it really been three years ?
Wow!! Has it really been three years since Anne-Marie Brown shared her vision, that she strongly believed the emerging Build to Rent market must have a dedicated search and aggregator website?

None then (and still) of the major property portals could capture the dynamics of a commercially scaled, designed, managed and institutionally funded Build to Rent sector.

What was a brilliantly simple idea, following three years of exhaustive research, customer testing and applying the very best marketplace software, is now a vibrant website called Love to Rent, with amazing content and which I am massively pleased to Chair.

The Build to Rent sector goes from strength to strength, daily and millions of more people get what it is about. It provides a quality, convenient and flexible tenure of choice for a growing multitude of residents, across an increasingly varied demographic and is now a major influence on the country’s housing policy… It is also here to stay!

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