Design trends 2020

  • 16th Jan 20
Design trends 2020

Refresh your home with the latest interior design trends for 2020. Subtle touches with accessories and accents of colour can give your space the fresh start it needs to head into a new decade in style.

A splash of colour

One of the easiest ways of incorporating a new design trend is through colour. This doesn’t have to mean painting or a new furniture scheme, it can simply be achieved through textures, pictures and ornaments. It’s advisable to go for three colours: the main hue, a contrast and a highlight. Hot for 2020 is beige, stone and soft eucalypt greens. Look out for art and fabrics that have the colours that you would like to bring into your home. In total contrast, black and white is set to be a dynamic duo for the new year. This yin and yang trend is an easy addition to add to your home décor with black chairs and sofas with white throws and cushions as just one example.

Wellbeing in design

The wellbeing trend shows no sign of slowing down and can even be found in the ways in which we decorate our homes. With technology continuously evolving, more people will look to connect with the earth and create soothing elements including real indoor plants. With more people looking at their health benefits, they are expected to take centre stage in many households. Other furniture pieces can also offer health benefits including lamps that adjust their intensity to the physiological processes of living beings and low-VOC paints will help people to feel better in their surroundings.

The best of old and new

Sustainability, buying locally and upcycling continues to be important to people and will dictate design in 2020. Expect to see more homes that mix old and new and have an eclectic mix of furniture that has been collected on travels. Designers have also been working on ways to bring in new technology into the home with performance fabrics. The fabrics have been engineered for a wide variety of uses, changing the way we live and making every room functional for the entire family.

Green materials

Designers have been busy finding ways to eradicate the use of plastic and minimise environmental pollution. This has led to more homewares made of environmentally conscious materials such as bioplastics, which are a type of biodegradable plastic derived from biological substances rather than being petroleum-based.

Metals in the mix

Silver, gold, tin and copper: expect to see many variations of metal in 2020. As well as individual pieces, the trend for mixing up to three metals is likely to be popular with colours such as silver and brown and iron and gold working well in pairs.

Natural and organic

If you want to soften a space and bring in some earthy tones, natural materials are a good way of achieving a more organic feel. Rattan, linen, jute and timber have a perfectly imperfect look and will give your space a personal and homely touch. There’s no need to go overboard with this look, for 2020, keep it simple with a few strategically placed pieces around the home or handmade treasures on a bookshelf.

Art and crafts

Have fun with art and go big with wall murals. Large-scale art is set to be big in 2020 with wallpaper, decals or a hanging tapestry being used as a backdrop to a bed or couch. Keep it fun because playful design elements will be big news in the new year with pops of colour, modern culture and playful design décor splashed across Pinterest boards.


Trend spotting tips

  • Don’t feel the need to incorporate a trend in its entirety.
  • Even extreme trends can be incorporated if you just use a subtle aspect.
  • Plan ahead and give yourself time to bring your vision to life.
  • Use the natural light to help you create a design. Work with what you have to keep the flow of a room.
  • Colour wheels can help with practical decision-making and show how various shades complement and enhance each other.
  • When revamping a room, clear out the clutter to give you a better idea on how the finished room will look.
  • Subscribe to design newsletters, galleries, blogs etc to find your inspiration.
  • Pinterest allows you to collate lots of different design ideas and find trends that most suit your aesthetics.






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