• 13th Feb 20

February 14th is a day of love. Yes, it can be overpriced and overhyped but the true meaning of the day is simple and you can celebrate it however and with whoever you like.

A pawfect kind of love

Valentine’s Day is no longer just about celebrating your significant human, furry friends have got in on the action too. Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows all about the unconditional love that they offer so why not celebrate your special bond. Pets give people so much in terms of love and emotional support that a day spoiling them sounds like a day well spent. Chocolate is a no-no and flowers would probably get trampled on but spending time taking your dog for a long walk will get a tail wag and you can get your cat purring with tummy rubs and playful games. You could also get them a special treat with pupcakes, pawsecco for dogs or catnip either fresh or dry sprinkled on toys. If you want to remember your furry friend for years to come, consider a professional pet portrait.

Love to party

February 14th is no longer just about spending time with a partner, friendships are just as celebrated too. Galentine’s Day, observed on February 13th, celebrates platonic friendships mostly among women and Palentine's Day is centred on our guy pals. So what better way to have fun than to throw a party. Take the stress out of a dinner party and just do a selection of starters and buffet favourites such as halloumi fries and canapes. Make it all about the treats and have a look at Pinterest for some decorative biscuit ideas and chocolate goodies. Have fun with cocktails and whip up some Valentine themes with passionfruit or strawberry hearts.

Love is in the air

Whoever you choose to spend Valentine’s Day with, consider something a little different this year. Yoga is good for the mind, body and spirit and could definitely be great for your relationship too. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, bond over the bending and headstands. Newly coupled or 30 years into your relationship, a museum or art exhibition can help you expand your minds together and give you a great conversation starter. If you are considering an overnight stay, try something a little different such as a treehouse, boatel (boat hotel) or even camping (although we can’t guarantee the most romantic night in the UK winter). If pampering is more your thing, there’s no need to join the hoards at an overcrowded spa. There’s plenty of therapists who will come to your home at the tap of an app and deliver anything from head massages to hot stone treatments. Ice skating is one of the most romantic activities you can do as a couple, having to hold on tight to your partner to stay up or just to enjoy whizzing round. Even if you fall over, it will give you both something to laugh at together so keep your sense of humour with you at all times. If you want to avoid any of the stress associated with traditional date night on Valentine’s Day, go for something very alternative such as urban axe throwing, available in centres in Manchester, Birmingham and London. You might need to have a date with an open mind but if you and your partner aren’t traditional romantics, it will certainly be memorable.

Love your neighbours

One of the benefits of living in a Love to Rent property is the community it will enable you to be part of. The Love to Rent platform is unique because it continues to engage with customers even after they have moved into their home, which encourages neighbourhoods to thrive and really changes the experience for renters. There are also social media groups set up to connect residents to offer anything from a running buddy to book club meetups so renters can become part of a community, make new friends and who knows, even find love.






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