A new way of renting

  • 14th Oct 19
A new way of renting

The change in living arrangements where people are choosing to rent for lifestyle reasons has fuelled the build to rent market. Research suggests that approximately 30+% of London households live in private rented accommodation and estimates that one in three millennials will privately rent into retirement. 

Increased choice of property is one of the key advantages of build to rent. Through the Love to Rent portal, customers can view a range of different developments to find the property type to best suit. It is not just about the property for this new generation of customers though. A key driver for this market is the amenities that the developments offer. Some residents are drawn to the hotel-style luxuries such as gyms, pools and concierges while some are looking for secure tenancies and pet-friendly properties. Whatever you are looking for, the Love to Rent portal has plenty of choice available.

The benefits of build to rent

Residents’ lifestyle needs have been at the forefront of change in the rental market. The build to rent resident demands a more streamlined renting experience that offers a plethora of lifestyle amenities and high-quality management as standard. Residents with busy lifestyles and high expectations no longer want to put up with private landlords in the typical rental market. Renting is now a lifestyle option, a chance to really ‘live your best life’ within a development that offers everything that the modern resident demands.

There are other benefits too for the whole property market:

  • A greater choice of housing types available to suit different needs.
  • Professional management.
  • Increasing the supply of new homes.
  • Helping the regeneration in local areas.

What you can expect from Love to Rent properties

Each development will offer something unique but all will offer great quality. Here are just some of the benefits that you can expect.  

Lifestyle choice

It may be short term, it may be long term, the build to rent market offers much more flexibility in terms of length of tenancies than the traditional rental market. Renting should not mean that you can’t put down roots, if you love where you are, the build to rent sector will allow you to set the time that you want to stay, in some cases with no costly deposits needed to be paid upfront.

Style and design

Love to entertain, your home won’t let you down in the style stakes. The contemporary designed properties represented by Love to Rent can be fully furnished, or not - your choice,  and the specification will include fitted kitchens with a range of high quality branded appliances.

Get social

One of the most significant differences in the build to rent sector is the acknowledgement that people are in fact social beings. Creating a community will give residents a sense of belonging, increases happiness and overall wellbeing. Many of the developments have amenities that encourage social interaction such as communal lounges and gardens, cinema rooms and even regular social events.

Security guaranteed

Residents are no longer willing to put up with unscrupulous private landlords. Love to Rent only markets homes that are from reputable, governed and committed organisations so you can be assured of the high quality of the home and management. Modern developments also offer excellent security within the building so if you are away a lot for work or pleasure, you won’t need to worry about leaving an empty apartment, with many offering a 24-hour concierge.

Fitness and wellness

For the busy professional, getting the balance of work with lifestyle is crucially important. The build to rent sector has been quick to respond to this by incorporating a number of fitness and wellness features in developments. From bicycle storage through to on-site gyms and even premium services such as personal training, residents can enjoy the convenience of everything on their doorstep.

Pet friendly

Pets bring so much joy to our lives. They improve fitness, make sure you are never lonely, lower your stress levels, help you to make friends and even improve your immune system. So why, as a resident, should you miss out on all these benefits? Many of the developments offered through Love to Rent are pet friendly so whether a pooch, cat, hamster or another furry friend, you can bring them along to share your home and your life.


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