Crafty at Christmas

  • 29th Nov 19
Crafty at Christmas

DIY Decorations

Creating your own decorations can give your home a unique and vintage look. From original garland ideas through to napkin holders, ornaments for the tree and snow globes, there are plenty of ideas around where you can put your own style stamp onto your home. Look to upcycle old magazines for creative wrapping paper and any old Christmas jumpers or material will make festive stockings or cushion covers. There’s lot of places to find ideas and simple craft guides to follow online or you can pick up speciality craft magazines to fuel your inspiration.

A gift from the heart

Homemade Christmas gifts are not only inexpensive, they are very fashionable and really come into their own when you are trying to find a gift for the person who has everything. A gift that you put together yourself comes from the heart and is packed with personality and love. You don’t have to be particularly creative either; pack a hamper with food you know they love and kids will go crazy for a retro sweets pick n mix bag using a stylish paper bag and some cool accessories. If you have the time to invest, learning to make your own jewellery will be a skill that will give you and your friends joy for years to come. A creative outlet that could save you money and provide unique gifts. 

A cracking idea

Everyone loves a Christmas cracker but the same old jokes and tired toys can take the shine off. How much more fulfilling then to have control over the gift inside and tailor make to your friends and family. It’s also not as hard as you think because you can buy Christmas cracker kits, fillers and decorations to create everything you need including personising each one for that finishing touch.

 Sustainable design

If the thought of the excesses of Christmas feels you with dread, the best news is that you can have the frivolity of the holiday season without impacting the planet. Many of your old household items that would be chucked out can be used to make original craft items. Extra scraps of wrapping paper can be transformed into trees or wreaths, leftover ribbon can be turned into gift toppers and old corks can be used to make festive wreaths.

From nature

The autumnal landscape provides the perfect materials for Christmas crafting. Driftwood, twigs and pinecones make beautiful objects full of whimsy and originality. Try a driftwood star or attaching a head and arms to a pinecone for a mystical gnome or using natural objects to make a table centrepiece. 

Where to shop

To find unique pieces for crafting, there are a wide range of places to get everything you need. On the high street, there are shops such as Lakeland, The Range and Hobbycraft and online search through the offerings of Amazon, Etsy and Not On The High Street amongst many others.

The essentials

Go to any large department store and you will probably find a whole area devoted to crafting. There’s always the latest gadget or sparkly bauble to catch the eye but there are a few essentials that every crafter should have in their arsenal including: X-Acto knife or box cutter, sharp scissors, cutting board, craft ruler, glue gun, craft paper, needles, paint and brushes, tape, pens and markers, fabric scraps, embellishments, paper towels and plates and cups and ribbon.

Top crafting tips

  • Sharpen scissors with sandpaper
  • Pick up glitter with a lint roller
  • Spray paint inside a cardboard box to stop it spreading
  • Store small items in ice cube trays for easy identification
  • Blast a hairdryer to get rid of hot glue strands
  • Use a magnet to pick up pins
  • Place corks on knitting needles for safety
  • Old plastic lids make great paint palettes
  • Can’t find end of a tape role? Put it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it up

Benefits of crafting

  • A means of self-expression
  • Therapeutic
  • A sense of pride
  • Personalised gifts
  • A good way to recycle
  • A unique sense of home style








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