Love to Rent will revolutionise future Build to Rent development

  • 14th Dec 19
Love to Rent will revolutionise future Build to Rent development

The Love to Rent property search platform will revolutionise future development by ensuring providers build the amenities customers demand.

It will ensure that future Build to Rent properties are at the cutting edge of consumer demand, by providing developers with up-to-date information on the amenities customers want – as well as those they don’t.

Whereas existing search platforms cover all different types of rental property, including buy-to-lets, the data gathered from these sites are not specific to the BtR sector.

Love to Rent is the first search platform of its kind in the UK to focus solely on BtR and as such, the data is specific to the needs of BtR customers. With globally trusted Salesforce CRM software powering the data collection and workflows for both B2B and B2C integration, the Love to Rent platform will collect real-time data about the needs and preferences of renters that will inform future developments.

Love to Rent Founder and CEO, Anne-Marie Brown said:

“Build to Rent properties are the future of renting in the UK – and Love to Rent will help ensure they stay at the forefront of what customers are demanding.

“Where the private rental sector stands accused of failing to focus on tenants, Build to Rent developers will have the opportunity to understand exactly what different people in different areas really want from their property.”

  • All data on Love to Rent is stored and processed securely on trusted Cloud platforms. No personally identifiable data is used for analytics and only fully anonymised data is shared with partners and stakeholders.

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