Renting with ease

“It was so easy,” says Arianne. “We came and saw it and we were like yep this one, and then we got the contract signed and we paid, and that was it. It was super straightforward. It was also really great to be able to move into a place that was a new build so no one has been here before. That was one of the things that really attracted us to the place.”

This riverside living development has everything that you need on the doorstep. There is a mix of studios, one and two bedroom apartments and a thriving local community. In terms of facilities, residents can enjoy a Starbucks, Sainsbury’s and riverside bars, cafes and restaurants.

“You kind of feel like you don’t need to leave, I mean you should but you don’t need to because there’s a gym, concierge, shops, pharmacy and nail salon, so you literally don’t need to go anywhere,” says Arianne.


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