Big up Barking

I call Apo “my little London oasis”. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but Apo is fantastic inside and out. Everything starts with seeing how nicely the yellow/red-brick buildings merge with the environment. Then, you have this wide spacious lighted ground floor that consists of the gym on the side and the co-working space. The latter looks like an anti-café: there are several types and sizes of sofas, chairs, bean bags, tables; paintings and plants create a homey feeling and one lamp shade is shaped as a cloud- how cool is that. There are always all sorts of music played in the background. Every time I come back from work, no matter how tired I am, I stop by and have a chit-chat with any of the fantastic four (n.r. the resident hosts) present on site then. We already have inside jokes and tell each other fun stories, and they are very efficient at resolving / answering any flat-enquiry that I have too. They go above and beyond assuring that you, as a tenant, are as stress-free as possible when it comes about living here.

It’s true that the first impression count. For me, fast and proper communication is crucial and that is what Apo showed me from the start. I was looking for a place that could offer me a virtual tour of the flat/building since I was still in my home country and one of Apo’s membership managers facilitated this for me. When he was presenting me the apartment I already saw myself living there, it seemed so cosy, well-lit and practical. I couldn’t make a better decision. I don’t know who they are, but I’d like to salute the architect and interior designer of Apo, they did a very fine job.

Apo offers you a high-life way of living, at an affordable price and in a very convenient area. Within an area of 10 minute, I have everything I need: over/underground station, bus stations, big chains of supermarkets (Tesco/Asda/Lidl) or some small, region/country-oriented ones (Asian, Arabic, I even saw two Romanian ones), banks, post office. Some of the Apo apartments are directed towards the Barking Abbey (mine too), while some others have a river-side view. Either way, the location is brilliant and it’s a quiet and pleasant area as well.


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